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3 min readOct 13, 2019


You want to make an impact at your level, and join a contributor-based network of Blockchain Positivists? This may be for you, and needs people like you to grow further! We are now 30+ contributors and still expecting more to join.

Here are some of them in Berlin:

What is PositiveBlockchain?

PositiveBlockchain is the open-source database, media platform and community exploring the potential of blockchain technologies for social and environmental impact. Our contributor-based network aims to support the development of blockchain solutions for real-life applications that can positively impact people’s life and reach Sustainable Development Goals.

There is a lot of noise out there about cryptos and blockchain fud, hindering the initiatives of many that had already seen the potential of the technology to really impact the world by rethinking how we trust each other, how to design more inclusive public services, how to store and share information in a more transparent and secure way and how this can be done in the benefits of the people.

Therefore we have set up our missions to:

  • Educate society about positive blockchain applications by providing educational content
  • Help navigate the blockchain chaos by providing relevant insights and highlighting impactful solutions
  • Help entrepreneurs and organizations increase their impact with blockchain by offering access to our communities, networks, tools or support
  • Develop concrete solutions by conducting research projects frequently as part of consortiums or alliances
  • Accelerate the ecosystem of positive blockchain by mobilizing communities stakeholders, funding through events and more!
Screenshot from Oct. 2019 of our bi-monthly community calls

How can we contribute at

  • Aggregate existing projects = the main database on It is a solid foundation and value on top of which we can build all the rest. We currently have around 1400+ projects. There is no such thing out there except few limited or private databases, or with low consistency and quality. Projects are clustered by categories such as Energy, Agriculture & Food, Supply Chain & Trade, Health, Education, Financial inclusion, etc. quite aligned with the SDGs.
  • Take ownership of a certain activity at PB: Content & communication (PR, social media, articles, interviews, video clips); Engagement & Partnerships (contributors, communities, friends, project owners and also partners); Web; Data Quality; Events (own meetups or partner events); Contributors.
  • Be a Category Expert: you specialize in this category to overview the list of projects in your field, collect useful resources, be involved in events/projects that relate to your category. Being category lead is a perfect transversal role if you have an area/industry of specialization or interest.
The 16 categories and 64 sub-categories in the’s database
  • Be a Project Manager for specific projects or partnership. We have run or continue running several projects: Social Impact Guidelines for Impact Blockchain projects, Startup Competition for Blockchain, UN BC100+ initiative, ECOTA web3/carbon ecosystem mapping, Coalitions4GOOD partnerships, Blockchain For Good reports, etc.

Your benefits being part of it?

  • Learn more about blockchain, use cases, and about working in an open-source community
  • Connect with peers and blockchain entrepreneurs
  • Be recognized and identified in the community
  • Start you own project
  • Make a positive impact
  • Get rewarded when we grow bigger!

Apply here now:




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