What is PositiveBlockchain.io?

PositiveBlockchain.io is the open-source database, media platform and community exploring the potential of blockchain technologies for social and environmental impact. We like to call us Blockchain Positivists :)

Positive Blockchain lists startups and projects from corporates, public or non-profit organizations using blockchain and decentralized technologies as tools to create a positive impact and solve social or environmental issues. What all PB projects share in common is the aim to positively impact people’s life.

The challenges

  • in 2016 39% of the world’s population — mostly in developing countries, does not have a bank account
  • the average cost of remittances is of 7,45% of funds transfered
  • 1.1 billion people are living off-grid
  • 1,2 billion people currently lack of document to prove they exist
  • and so on…

We have a strong focus on how technology can help reach the 17 Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the United Nations. In a broader sense we are deeply convinced that blockchain technologies are best used when applied to positively impact people’s lifes.

The solutions

There are blockchain solutions designed to enable financial inclusion, optimize energy access, improve education, hack healthcare, track and facilitate aid & development, fight corruption, protect democracy and individual rights, track and report social impact, and much more.

Categories used by PositiveBlockchain.io

Our story

PositiveBlockchain.io started end of 2017 after clear observations that most online disussions around blockchain were focusing on cryptocurrencies and trading. Far from the real life applications we decided to focus on!

It therefore started as a week-end listing project from a few individuals and has evolved into a great open-source community and the main go-to resource page and database in blockchain for social/environmental impact.

Our vision

Never has our world shared such a wide consensus on the need for sustainable development. For much of today’s population, there are still countless socio-economic, environmental and political challenges to be addressed urgently. New technology can play a defining role and creative positive impact in people’s lives from many fronts.

In the meantime, blockchain is set to become one of the 21st century’s most remarkable innovations due to its main ability to disrupt cross-sectoral value chains. Yet, its wider potential in solving real-life socio-environmental challenges remains one of the least understood and under-discussed questions — beyond the narrow hype of cryptocurrency trading.

Some may attribute our lack of understanding to the fact that blockchain is simply new for most of us (and it’s true). We believe a deeper, more worrying reason at the root — is this:

There is a systematic knowledge gap between the technocratic circle (the shapers who build blockchain solutions on a technical level) and the social impact circle (the beneficiaries of technology directly in touch with the complexities of the development challenges). In other words, the world of blockchain and the world of social impact are far and apart.

PositiveBlockchain seeks to connect the two: blockchain projects and positive impact for people. Without integrating the two conversations, the world risks either driving blockchain without meaningful impact, or overlooking smart solutions for big challenges.

Just as how blockchain could bring upon systematic changes, we aim to help bridge this systematic gap. By gathering knowledge and integrating conversations from both sides, we can build broader understanding on how blockchain technologies can be used to creative positive impact.

What we are building

  • Database: the 1st and most comprehensive directory of positive blockchain projects
PositiveBlockchain project database
  • Content: active information & storytelling that bring more depth and grow visibility for positive blockchain projects
  • Events: online & offline events to dig deeper and connect blockchain developers and social innovators
  • Network: a rich ecosystem of partners and communities accross the world gathering all required stakeholders to make blockchain thrive is the social impact sphere (blockchain enthusiasts, industry watchers, social innovators, NGOs, media)
  • much more to come! send us your ideas ;)

Our Contributors

Lucas Zaehringer, Tri Nhan Vu, Thy Nguyen, Matthieu Lepine, Paul Peschel, Sudhanshu Shekhar Srivastawa, Benjamin Athuil, Kai Schmidt, Erwan Pesle, Benoit Durand-Gasselin, Felix Green, Laura Roman, Tanguy Burtin, Benoît Guyot, Carolina Soto, Rasmus Andersson, Ombeline Michel, Sandeep Bajjuri, Lukas Mocek, Carmen Ng, Jessica Brown, Omar Bendjelloun-Touimi, Balazs Nemethi, Ronald Steyer, Boris Dyckhoff, Simon Franzen, Sean Phan, Ricardo Amaral, Florent Thurin, Lisa Newscomb, Analia Ramos, Logan Yonavjak, Fnu Sangamesh, Daria Markova, Tim Aghotor, Dominik Schäfer, Azusa Kato Kozma, Khalid Belghiti, Carla Walker, Maike Gericke, Maciej Bulanda, Andrea Vinelli.

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