4/15— Exploring Seattle’s beauty I wanted a Seattle Reign cupcake.

Nikita Taparia
Apr 16, 2017 · 5 min read
Welcome to Kerry Park.

It started with a limited edition Seattle Reign cupcake at Cupcake Royale available only for the home opener. I knew I needed to go to a location that would guarantee not selling out. This ruled out downtown and Capitol Hill. I figure if I want to be true to my concept about these photo essays — an exploration of one of my favorite cities with each home game — then, I should probably go to the most popular tourist view of the cityscape: Kerry Park.

After watching Houston v Chicago, I ventured to Queen Anne, which I believe is the highest point in Seattle. It also has the nicest neighborhood, in my opinion. The lawns are trimmed, the gardens are maintained, the architecture is beautiful, and the shops are quaint. The first thing I did was pick up a Seattle Reign cupcake. Then I walked back to Storyville Coffee to get a latte before trekking about 15–20 minutes in the opposite direction of Kerry Park. See, while tourists only really know about Kerry Park, there are some other great viewpoints on this hill. On the corner of Crockett St. and Taylor Ave, you can see the view below.

The big tower in the left of the picture is University District, the slightly green peninsula below the bridge is Gas Works Park (I will take you guys there another day), and if you look beyond this first lake (Lake Union) towards the mountains (cascades) — that area is Bellevue/Kirkland (home of Microsoft). You can watch boats sail or seaplanes land from this little corner. So while Kerry Park does feature the Space Needle, there is more to this city than just a tower in the sky. After heading back from this view, I picked up Molly Moon’s ice cream and ate it while making a timelapse from Kerry Park. The timelapse continued as I made my way completely downhill, straight to Seattle Center and Memorial Stadium. To give an idea of this, I posted part of the timelapse on Instagram (a very abbreviated version from that first ‘secret’ view is in the tweet above).

Now just one funny thing before I continue:

This would not be a problem if they took the top but they take the bottom….

I did say it started with a cupcake but what I did not mention is prior to taking the image I wanted to take all along…I failed to keep the top decorations intact while opening the container. Mission Fail. I was pretty disappointed but a kind spectator at the game actually had a box of cupcakes and told me that I could just replace mine with one of hers. It was an act of kindness that led to this moment.

I use the hour before the game to take sample pictures during warm up. Around this time, the sun is about to set and you have to constantly change things before it gets very dark at Memorial. I did also want to test out my new lens and see if I could use it in a sports photography setting rather than just portraits. I think I can.

Selected Shots from the Game


First Half

Second Half


The last two images were taken with the new lens. What do you think?

More pictures will be available on Flickr and Instagram throughout this week so make sure to follow! Until next time, hope you enjoyed my game day adventure.

Positives and Negatives

WoSo + Data + Photography

Nikita Taparia

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Positives and Negatives

WoSo + Data + Photography

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