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Holding On To Circumstance

Amidst our constant connection to others, we’re missing out on the present.

  1. The 21st century challenge is to keep your focus and preserve the sanctity of mind that is required to create and ultimately make an impact in what matters most to you. Imagination happens when your mind has the freedom to run rampant. Unfortunately, in the modern day, our minds are usually busy reacting and digesting tons of information. We need to be aware of the cost of constant connection.
  2. Value the circumstantial. Recognize how powerful it is. And then mine the circumstantial with more intention.
  3. In a world of twitter, email, endless texts, internet wonder (and now Medium!), create windows of non-stimulation in your day and life - whether through habits or rituals, when you can tune out of everything else and tune into yourself. Periods of time to focus on making meaningful progress on your own projects - time spent being open to what’s around us and creating. Don't rely on a flight oversees or some other means of being forced to disconnect through circumstance (they’re rapidly disappearing!), force yourself.
  4. Recognize the stuff you do out of insecurity or the need for constant stimulation, then compartmentalize it. Browsing analytics for your website, checking how many “likes” or “followers” you have. Don’t spend too much time doing it. You cannot imagine what will be if you’re constantly concerned about what already is.



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