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The Interface Layer: Where Design Commoditizes Tech

A new cohort of design-driven companies are adding a layer of convenience between us and the underlying services and utilities that improve our lives. This could change everything.

It is great for users, but it threatens to commoditize the logistics and content providers underneath.

It’s Been A Long Time Coming

Google Maps now allows you to “Get an Uber,” what’s next?

Choices are made in the front-end experience of everything.

Who Wins in the Age of Aggregated Interfaces?

How Will “Interface Layer” Companies Measure Their Success?

How will the “Interface Layer” Impact The World Of Venture Investing?

What Does The Interface Layer Teach Us?



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Scott Belsky

founder @Behance, cpo @Adobe, early stage investor and product obsessive; author of Making Ideas Happen and The Messy Middle. http://scottbelsky.com