Change Your Life by Changing Your Perception

What you put out in this world is what you get back. Put out positivity and that’s what you’ll draw back into your life. When we generate and radiate a positive energy, our whole perception on life changes for the better.

When it comes to perception vs. reality, it can get a bit tricky and even downright confusing. Reality is the true state of things — it’s basically how things really are, whether we perceive them to be that way or not.

Since we know perception shapes our individual reality, we should be mindful of how and why we perceive things the way we do.

Say for example you wake up and it’s raining outside, how you initially perceive this reality will shape your whole day. If you perceive the rain to be a negative and that it will dampen your whole day (pun intended), that’s what will happen — you’ve generated a negative perception of your day before its really started and that negativity will likely follow you throughout the day.

A bad day usually starts off with just the hint of a negative mood — if you give into it and perceive it to be your reality, at some point, every little nuisance you encounter will seem worse than it really is and your whole day will be spoiled.

Since you have the power to use your perception in generating a negative reality, by default, you also have the power to generate a positive one.

The reality is, it’s raining and there is nothing you can do to stop it. So rather than sinking into a funk, use your perception to foster good energy by visualizing a beautiful sunny day — because the true reality is, though rain is falling, just above those clouds, the sky is a piercing blue and the sun is shining brightly.

“People don’t even realize the power the mind has over the body in the way you perceive things. Change your thoughts, change your reality. Words are powerful — every thought and every word we think has an effect on the body.” — Miranda Kerr

Change Your Perception to Create Your Own Personal Reality

Because people tend to believe that what happens to them boils down to fate, they don’t realize how thinking differently could put them in better control of their present and future. Our thoughts are extremely powerful — what you think and how you think creates your personal world and reality. We all have the mind power to make our experiences either positive and meaningful, or negative and dreary. How we think will greatly determine whether we get the very best that life has to offer us, because those thoughts determine how we perceive what we’re experiencing.

“Reality doesn’t bite, rather our perception of reality bites.” — Anthony J. D’Angelo

Changing your perception isn’t easy, but it’s achievable. The primary step is to raise your awareness of your thoughts and perceptions and to consciously shift your perspective to look for the positives in life. Start by visualizing how you want your day to be and what thoughts and mind-set you need to realize that objective — keep that visualization throughout the day to help shift your perceptions toward your end goal.

Everything you see or hear or experience in any way at all is specific to you. You create a universe by perceiving it, so everything in the universe you perceive is specific to you.” — Douglas Adams

Other key steps in shifting your perceptions to a positive-centric one include:

Identify your own self-image — how do you see yourself?
 Start by looking at how you perceive yourself. If you see only negatives and flaws, that is what others will see. If however, you shift your perspective to all of your positive attributes and accomplishments, that will eventually become your reality. Using positive affirmations to boost your confidence and focus your demeanor onto the positive will greatly help in this step.

Learn to let go of the past
 You can’t change the past, so don’t beat yourself up over it. Learn from it, but don’t let it haunt you. Focus on the now to help move you into a better tomorrow.

Count your joys and blessings
 Gratitude absolutely improves attitude. Be thankful for all you have and when you start to see that your life is actually pretty good after all, your perception of yourself will improve.

Be the master of your moods
 Don’t let your day be driven by a bad mood. When you feel negativity creeping in, take a deep breath and focus yourself back onto good things; use some positive mantras to help.

Wake up with a resolve to be happy during the day
 Related to mastering your moods, make sure that as soon as you wake up, you focus on something good — anything that will make you happy and then build on that, constantly visualizing good things.

Your body is your temple
 Proper diet and exercise is vital to a positive perception of our lives and the world. If you need the help of a qualified Physician or Dietician to help you, do so.

Focus on changing you first
 We would all love to be able to change the world for the better right this very minute. But alas, that is not possible. We can however, change it right away by changing ourselves. When we become positive, grateful and compassionate, we actually do help to change the world for the better — it always starts with ourselves though.

“If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you put yourself into a condition conducive to your goal.” — Norman Vincent Peale
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