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5 Things to Stop Doing When You’re Struggling And Feeling Drained And 20 Life Changing Ideas[Best Reads]

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Issue 223

5 Things to Stop Doing When You’re Struggling and Feeling Drained | Tiny Buddha

I recently realized that my best days all have certain things in common — little things I choose to do for my well-being, and a number of unhelpful habits I resist the urge to indulge. If you’re also struggling, personally or professionally…

20 Ideas That Changed My Life | Safal Niveshak

Whenever I feel uninspired, I look to a collection of my favorite quotes and passages I keep in a document on my computer or marked in my books (my idea bank). Today was one of those days. So, here are 20 of the most beautiful passages…

Want to Read More Books Without Losing Comprehension? Learn to Resist Regression | Medium

Reading is not a human ability hardwired into our brains. It’s a skill that takes practice. But rapid reading is not a difficult skill to learn, says Peter Kump, author of Breakthrough Rapid Reading. Reading can transform your health, wealth…

A Philosophical Approach to Routines Can Illuminate Who We Really Are | Aeon

There are hundreds of things we do — repeatedly, routinely — every day. We wake up, check our phones, eat our meals, brush our teeth, do our jobs, satisfy our addictions. In recent years, such habitual actions have become an arena…

Should You Fix Weaknesses or Focus on Strengths? Here’s How to Decide | Scott Young

Say you only have time to focus on improving one thing in your life right now, what should you focus on: something you’re good at or an area you’re weak? Most people will argue that you should focus on your strengths.

A Guide to Habit Resilience | Zen Habits

Habit resilience is the ability to bounce back when things don’t go as you planned, to stay positive, to encourage yourself, to forgive yourself, to be loving and compassionate with yourself, to shake it off and start again afresh.

The Best Antidote to a Rut Is Action | Gretchen Rubin

Over the course of my research, what I’ve learned is that success doesn’t bring happiness when it’s merely us following someone else’s path to someone else’s definition of success. It’s why Lean In didn’t ring true for so many;

How to Overcome Perfectionism in a Judgmental World | Quartz

For nearly a decade, I’ve been trying to write a young-adult zombie novel. But until recently, I was stuck around the 3,000-word mark. The problem? Whenever I opened my Word document, I’d read over what I’d written and notice something…

Build Purpose to Prepare For The Unknown | 99u

Two of the big misconceptions about purpose are that (1) you have to “find your purpose” and (2) there is only one purpose that is meant for you. In fact, purpose is something you get to construct for yourself.

The Millennial Work Ethic And The Spirit of Capitalism | Graphite Publications

Why do we work so much? Despite the fact that the 21st-century economy has brought unprecedented quantities of wealth to many in the Western world, curiously, our improved material conditions have not led us to take up any more leisure.

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