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Where to Start When You Want to Optimise Your Health And How to Learn a New Skill Faster [Best Reads]

Every week, I come across insightful posts about behaviour change that affect health, wealth, and productivity.

At the end of the week (on Fridays), I share ten of the best posts at the intersection of personal development, psychology, technology, and productivity with my Postanly Weekly subscribers.

I handpick some of the best long reads across the web that are almost as good as reading a book. Shorter than a book but equally valuable.

It’s a healthy mix of ideas on how to work better, make smarter decisions, and everything you need to build a better life and career.

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Issue 225

Where to Start When You Want to Optimize Your Health | Lifehacker

You could spend forever working out exactly how to live a healthy life — the Internet is full of hacks meant to help you optimize each little detail. But honestly, most of the benefits of sleep, exercise, and diet come from just doing the basics right.

How to Improve Your Memory (Even if You Can’t Find Your Car Keys) | New York Times

What makes a great bartender? Your ideal candidate is probably someone who has the empathy to console you after a breakup, the mental toughness to stand up to abusive customers, and the knowledge and skill to mix…

How Mindfulness, Minus The Hype, Benefits Your Brain And Mood | Medium

Mindfulness is rapidly becoming a global phenomenon. It’s even supported by rigorous scientific research, driven in part by a desire for new practices to improve our mental health. Mental disorders will be the biggest burden…

Want to Learn a New Skill Faster? Take Short Breaks, Early And Often (Secrets From New Research) | Medium

Learning new skills is one of the best ways to upgrade your life and career. Top performers prioritise skill acquisition to get more done. Lifelong learning is mandatory if you want to achieve anything worthwhile.

Preventing Busyness from Becoming Burnout | HBR

For most of my working life, I’ve felt way too busy. Sometimes heart-stoppingly, wildly so — working long hours, missing out on family time or fun, and stressed beyond belief. And yet, a few years ago, as I was cleaning…

What a Scholar Learned From Studying The World of Life-hackers | The Verge

Joseph Reagle’s new book about life-hacking has the word “discontents” right in the subtitle, but he wants to be clear that it’s not a screed against the practice or the culture. In fact, Reagle, a professor of communication…

The Only Answer Is Less Internet | New York Times

In our age of digital connection and constantly online life, you might say that two political regimes are evolving, one Chinese and one Western, which offer two kinds of relationships between the privacy of ordinary citizens…

High Stress Drives Up Your Risk Of A Heart Attack. Here’s How To Chill Out | NPR

Work Stress. Home Stress. Financial Stress. The toll of chronic stress isn’t limited to emotional suffering. High stress can set the stage for heart disease. In fact, research shows that those of us who perceive a lot of stress…

Defaults Are Not the Same by Default | Behavioural Scientist

Disney World is the land of magic and fairy tales, but even there you cannot escape science. When ordering something to eat, one of us (Jon) noticed that the default choices in kids’ meals were all geared toward healthier options.

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