Imagine 2030

Imagineering humanity’s future, on a luxury African safari

Image courtesy of my friend, Peter Hayward, the genius behind Hayward’s Grand Safari Company

Update August 2018: For various logistical reasons, this safari has been put on hold. We are planning an interim event.

Imagine a 6-star tented safari deep in Africa’s unspoilt, untouched beauty.

Imagine the world’s most passionate, dedicated humanitarians, anthropologists, culture designers, storytellers and philanthropists.

Imagine the brightest futurists, economists, ecologists, educators, empathic technologists and emergent thinkers.

Imagine an invitation-only event with all of these specialists together for 5 days, without government or corporate influence.

Imagine solving all of humanity’s grand challenges and designing a transcendent future social contract.

Imagine public access to all of their discussions via livestream.

Imagine being able to shape and steer their conversation.

Imagine winning a ticket to be there in person.

Imagine the world’s largest ‘under the radar’ publicity campaign.

Imagine an annual gathering, tracking progress towards fulfillment of Project 2030.

Imagine no more. Imagine 2030 is coming. Watch this space.

A taste of a luxury African safari.

Postcards from 2035 is a series of profoundly simple interlinking ideas describing life in a highly desirable society, where everything and everyone is advanced, happy, intelligent and problem-free. It’s a blueprint of the world we need to create. The best thing you can do to help us get there is to share with your friends and get the conversation started about what life would be like under a new social contract.



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Michael Haupt

Michael Haupt

I cut through (and expose) ESG & sustainability greenwashing. Speaker | Writer | Social Artist | Architect of Transformation