Postcards from the Resistance: An Introduction

Every great resistance movement has a manifesto.

Photo of the Women’s March in Austin, TX by Steve Rainwater [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

This is not that manifesto.

Rather, this is simply a statement of intent, an introduction to our group effort as a small drop in a vast and varied sea of resistance. Our hope lies in knowing that the tiniest drops still make ripples.

We are ordinary people with ordinary jobs and ordinary interests. We are not political insiders. The majority of us are not writers in any professional capacity. But if the current political situation has taught us anything so far, it is that resistance and healing must begin with speaking our truths to one another, from all of our varied experiences and perspectives.

So that is our goal: to learn, to share, to speak the truths we find. As we bring our voices together in common cause, we seek to build a better understanding of the place we now find ourselves. We hope to come together to find a way forward as the world feels more and more unbalanced and our footing feels less and less assured.

We have chosen ‘Postcards from the Resistance’ as our collective name, in honor of the late, great Carrie Fisher. We hope to emulate the power of her eternally iconic portrayal of the rebel leader Leia Organa, and even more, her personal courage and honesty as she wrote about her own life and its challenges, with kindness, humor, and hope. Her unflinching resolve to present truth — even when that truth left her vulnerable to the judgement of the world — is one of the great inspirational forces behind this project.

Beyond allusions to Fisher’s novel, there is perhaps no better metaphor for what we hope to create than postcards. Small, personal, sometimes ephemeral, sometimes surprisingly enduring, postcards capture and preserve events and ideas in brief and astonishing ways. Some of our work may be serious, some may be silly, some may be somewhere in the middle, but each will be both political and personal. Each of us has a unique perspective to share and I hope our missives reach you out there in this Brave New World.