How the Global South Can Lead the Way to a Post-Growth Future

Evidence suggests small to medium-size enterprises in the Global South are prioritizing social and environmental impact over economic growth.

Wind turbines, Lake Turkana, Kenya. By Kariuki Chege via Unsplash

How important is economic growth to enterprises in the Global South?

Alternative performance indicators

Sales and cash flow


Business growth

Return on equity and investment

Wider implications for the degrowth and post growth agendas

Three things you can do right now:

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  3. Consider integrating sustainability KPIs in your own company. “I recommend looking at the way [clothing company] Houdini has integrated planetary boundaries and Doughnut Economics into its sustainability reporting. To my knowledge, they are the first in the world to do so, and are a great example for Global North companies to consider the ecological debts owed to the Global South in their supply chains,” says Cle-Anne.



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