Post Growth Institute — 2013 Year in Review

by Oliver Lovell and Donnie Maclurcan

2013 was a fantastic year for the Post Growth Institute. We consolidated our working procedures and processes, started developing our biggest project yet, and began laying the platforms for huge impact in 2014.

Major Projects:

Last year saw us commence writing our forthcoming book, How on Earth: Flourishing in a Not-for-Profit World by 2050. Our crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the book’s development was a huge success. In passing our target of $20,000 we have been able to bring together the people, ideas and research to explore the possibility that not-for-profit enterprise will be the central business structure in the global economy by mid-century.

The third, global Free Money Day on 15th September was again a big day. Although we were less able to facilitate activities in the lead-up and on the actual day, 2013 saw the biggest single event that we’ve ever had in one location with a group of 70 students from the University of Sydney taking action to promote the power of giving on the day.

2013 also saw the Post Growth Institute file for incorporation as a not-for-profit in New York State and hire its first Executive Director, Donnie Maclurcan, one of the organisation’s co-founders.


Social Media and Key Statistics:

  • The Post Growth Institute’s site received 30,909 unique visitors — a 38.5% rise on 2012! Our biggest numbers are from the U.S., then Australia, U.K., Canada, Sweden, Germany, India, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium. Our blog subscribers rose to 1215 (from 829, December 2012),
  • We registered a combined 10,337 unique visitors to our other project websites for the (En)RichList, and Free Money Day.
  • Our Facebook ‘likes’ passed it to over 11, 600, up from just over 7, 500 at the end of the previous year.
  • Our Twitter followers rose to 4,463, from 2830 at the end of the previous year.


The third full year of our Institute’s activity saw slight changes in our core team (welcome Fernanda and Wendy! And a big thanks to Kate and Hich for their contributions over the year).

Many thanks, also, to our contractors: Gudrun Freese, Chiara Aliotta, Chris Hehn, and Phil Harrington, and to the volunteers who donated their valuable time and skills throughout the year: Anna White, Beatriz Carrillo, Beth Remmes, Jon Watkins, Robert Rattle, Antoine Moore, Irene Mitchell.

Intentions for 2014:

  • Our biggest project for 2014 is to bring together our book, How on Earth: Flourishing in a Not-for-Profit World by 2050. You can help support our work by pre-ordering a copy here.
  • We’ll be launching a major website to support the book’s content at The site will also showcase approximately 5,000 post growth principles, ideas, structures, memes, processes, technologies, activities, players and platforms.
  • With your help, we’ll be looking to run a successful Free Money Day, globally.
  • We’ll be rolling out three, staged updates to our website!
  • We will finalise our not-for-profit incorporation and evolve our business model. With our first client recently confirmed, we are now offering affordable consultancy services for people seeking to start, scale or sustain successful not-for-profit initiatives across any of the world’s countries. To find out more, please contact us here.

We look forward to further exploring the possibilities and realities of a Post Growth future with you in 2014.

Originally published in January 2014. To Find out more about the Post Growth Institute, visit our website.





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