Post Growth Perspectives: Our Most Popular Stories of 2021

From degrowth and sociocracy to agroecology and healing from the trauma of patriarchy, here are our top five most read articles of last year.

Elena Mozhvilo via Unsplash

PGI team member Erin Remblance’s overview of Jason Hickel’s book, Less is More, struck a chord with readers who were inspired by a set of policies designed to optimize human and planetary wellbeing.

This practical piece by Post Growth Fellow and co-founder of Sociocracy for All, Ted Rau, outlines how collective decision-making creates more opportunities to listen, while restoring our human fabric and the ecosystems we inhabit.

In June, as billionaire’s blasted off into space, the PGI’s Executive Director, Donnie Maclurcan, wrote a heartfelt post about a fundamental truth that has become lost: that just by being, we are enough.

Our friends at Navdanya International shared a compelling story from Italy about a new agricultural production model that respects the environment, the health of citizens, and the social, cultural, and aesthetic value of the land.

In another popular article from the Post Growth Fellowship, ecological economist, Tim Parrique, outlines why green growth is a fantasy, because GDP can’t be meaningfully decoupled from resource use.

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