Post Growth Ripples: April 2022

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Here at the Post Growth Institute, we collaboratively develop ideas, programs, events, and alliances that promote the equitable circulation of money, power, and resources in our local communities and global economy. Each month we publish an overview of our key activities and impact through the various pillars of our work.

Post-Growth Living

This month, PGI team member Charmaine Blaize published a thought-provoking article on the importance of recognizing Black history, based on her experience growing up in Trinidad and Tobago and moving to Scotland as an adult. The article was republished by

Fellow PGI team member Natalie Holmes shared personal reflections on how accepting the inevitability of cascading collapse creates space to build alternatives…

… and Post Growth Fellow Shrishtee Bajpai’s article about the Global Tapestry of Alternatives was republished in Weave News.

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Post-Growth Entrepreneurship

As our latest round of Offers and Needs Market (OANM) facilitator training drew to a close, we were thrilled to receive feedback from a recent graduate, social entrepreneur and community weaver, Damilola ‘Fash’ Fasoranti, who finds the Offers and Needs Market a powerful and transformative tool in his grassroots community work as the Founder and Chief Listener of Prikkle Academy. He works with young people and community members in Nigeria and throughout Africa, empowering them to realize and develop their gifts as they improve their lives and communities. Fash said:

Doing the Offers and Needs [process] has been amazing because it has helped people to connect right in the moment. It’s helpful for instant connection. The interesting thing is that the connections look random. When people are meeting each other for the first time there is no relationship, but the Offers and Needs Market has created this way to connect people together instantly without having to build the initial relationship. The OANM creates the foundation for building relationships that could grow from that spot.

Prikkle Academy

Learn more about the Offers and Needs Market and how to run one.

In other post-growth entrepreneurship news, Ted Rau published an article for our Fellowship explaining why organizations can’t run solely on good intentions.

Post-Growth Economics

This month, Post Growth Fellow, Thomas Hanna, published a longform piece about the Power and Potential of Democratic Public Ownership.

Meanwhile, an article by Post Growth Fellow, Yusra Bitar, on the emergence of alternatives from Lebanon’s economic collapse, was picked up and republished by Popular and

And the PGI’s Executive Director Donnie Maclurcan’s 2021 NEXT-LAW seminar on Post-Extractivist Economics was made public.

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It was encouraging to see ‘post growth’ mentioned in an editorial on the limits to growth in Nature.

Plus, our ‘post growth drawing experiment’ featured in Jeanne Baverey’s Master’s thesis, ‘Can a globalized textile brand enter into ecological redirection?

It was also great to see the PGI get a mention on Twitter for providing feedback to a fellow post-growth campaigner.

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