Post Growth Ripples: February 2023

From our 2022 Year in Review to the launch of this year’s Post Growth Fellowship and the next round of Offers and Needs Market Facilitator Training.

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Here at the Post Growth Institute, we collaboratively develop ideas, programs, events, and alliances that promote the equitable circulation of money, power, and natural resources in our local communities and global economy. Each month we publish an overview of our key activities and impact through the various pillars of our work.


Last month, we hosted our first public Offers and Needs Market (OANM) of the year — and received some wonderful feedback from participants:

Great to know there are generous people in this world!

Innovative community dynamics…Instant rapport with like-minded people…I love the human interaction and the generative & creative space.

It was really effective. People (including me) made real connections…The people who attended were very open and friendly.

I like the space the OANM created for connecting vulnerably around needs.

This was the first OANM for 80% of participants. It was great to find out that 67% of respondents want to facilitate an OANM and 87% plan to tell others about their experience.

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Facilitation skills are becoming more and more important as we heal from social isolation. Events that encourage mutual aid and bridge divides are needed now more than ever — which is why we’re launching our next round of Offers and Needs Market Facilitator Training, running from March 7th through April 4th.

The 18-hour virtual training reveals how to:

  • Facilitate inclusive meetings where you are relaxed and in-control.
  • Energize your life with new leadership skills that bring forth the best in others.
  • Feel valued as a community facilitator, with a marketable process that can generate income.

Find out more and register now.


Excitingly, February saw the launch of the 2023 Post Growth Fellowship!

Meanwhile, our Executive Director, Donnie Maclurcan, was interviewed by Transform Finance for their research on alternative financing mechanisms for the new economy.

We also provided nonprofit consultancy to The Kelp Project, helping them to develop lean approaches.

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