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Post Growth Ripples: July 2021

An overview of our key activities and impact through the various pillars of our work.

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Here at the Post Growth Institute, we collaboratively develop ideas, programs, events and alliances that promote the equitable circulation of money, power and resources in our local communities and global economy. Each month, we publish an overview of our key activities and impact through the various pillars of our work.

Post-Growth Living

Big news this month. We were thrilled to receive a Catalyst Grant of £10,000 from the Royal Society of Arts, to expand our Offers and Needs Market Facilitator Training. With this boost, we can continue to spread the inspiring, transformative process far and wide, helping people all over the world to connect more deeply with each other — and themselves — and recognize their inherent value.

Following our recent Offers and Needs Market (OANM) Facilitator Training, we created a toolkit for graduates and budding facilitators, including materials, templates, and links to help plan, facilitate, and follow up on both virtual and in-person OANMs. In response, facilitator Joel Zaslovsky said:

Joel Zaslovsky

I’m stunned with the Offers and Needs Market toolkit you’ve created! It has made me rethink how I’m going to run OANMs in the future. You folks are incredible. Truly. The operations and event organizer guy inside me is going wild with the possibilities you’ve just opened up!

On June 20th, we ran a successful Offers and Needs Market as part of our partnership with World Localization Day — a celebration of the worldwide localization movement which aims to restore community fabric and human-scale, ecological economies, with a central focus on local food systems.

Find out more about our Offers and Needs Market Facilitator Training and sign up to the waitlist for the next round.

We’re also gearing up for Free Money Day on 15th September, when people give away money to strangers (in-person and virtually) and ask them to pass half on to someone else! The global event is all about sparking conversations through surprising experiences, to show how money can be a gateway to human connection, global justice, and equity.

Sign up to host your own Free Money Day event now!

Free Money Day 2018 in NYC

Post-Growth Entrepreneurship

We regularly carry out consultancies for social entrepreneurs and community organizers seeking the skills to start, scale, and sustain purpose-driven projects and create the change they wish to see in the world. We recently provided a 60-minute coaching session for Suzan Joy, a grassroots, community leader working in Uganda. Here’s what Suzan had to say about her experience:

Suzan Joy

I am feeling super pumped about all the useful insights I got from the coaching session with the Post Growth Institute, especially about lean design and agile, which I had never been exposed to. I was completely blown away by this question that was asked: What are you learning? This coaching session made me realize how it is crucial to develop highly integrated approaches and build in a learning component to everything so that what we do changes as our understanding changes, and that way we aren’t stuck in the old linear results-based management ways of thinking in which everything depends on data and management.

We were also honoured to provide consultancy to the Arts and Ecology Institute. Its founder, Deb Vanpoolen, said:

Donnie helped us understand how to operate in ways which respect everyone, promote our personal happiness, and teach us to pleasurably work together. We are a new organization, and we don’t have many programs yet. Talking with Donnie encouraged me to see that being productive can actually be a very enjoyable, rich process which benefits from all the board members being in great relationships with each other.

Are you an entrepreneur or community organizer? Contact us now to book a consultancy.

Post-Growth Economics

It was great to see our newsletter content share, about low-energy ways to satisfy human needs, rippling out to inspire readers:

This month the PGI signed an open letter initiated by Change Finance to the European Commission, outlining why the EU needs a strong renewed sustainable finance strategy to deal with the pressing issue of climate change. The letter urges the authorities to stop investing in fossil fuels, implement more stringent rules to make banking sustainable, and set clear minimum standards for investment products calling themselves “sustainable”.

Contact us to collaborate in shifting to an economic system where all people and the planet thrive.

Discover how you can be part of the global shift to an economy that’s better, not bigger, in our article: 50+ ways to support the Post Growth Institute.

To directly and immediately impact our work, donate today. Every single contribution makes a difference and inspires our team to even greater action. experiences with the PGI are rippling out to unexpected environments.

Find out more about the Post Growth Institute on our website.

Guiding the way to a full circle, #postgrowth economy beyond capitalism.

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