Post Growth Ripples: June 2022

How our work at the Post Growth Institute has been rippling out across the world this month.

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Here at the Post Growth Institute, we collaboratively develop ideas, programs, events, and alliances that promote the equitable circulation of money, power, and resources in our local communities and global economy. Each month we publish an overview of our key activities and impact through the various pillars of our work.

Post-Growth Living

This month, the PGI’s Executive Director Donnie Maclurcan was interviewed by Daniel Christian Wahl about post-growth living.

Post-Growth Entrepreneurship

We recently provided consultancy to Sonia Tesfaye, a post-growth scholar based in Ethiopia, about accessing research support for her upcoming PhD. Following the session, Sonia said: “Thank you so much… for the invaluable advice and guidance you provided, and for inspiring me to pursue my goals. I can’t begin to express how helpful it is.”

We also provided consultancy on payroll and tax matters for Teach from Your Best Self.

Find out more about our consultancy offerings for entrepreneurs, organizations, and businesses.

In Offers and Needs Market (OANM) news, a recent graduate of our facilitator training program, Lynn Benander, hosted an in-person OANM at the Resilient Vermont conference, and received some fantastic feedback from participants about its transformative effects:

“[I felt] that marvellous feeling of connection, trust, openness, and support that I usually only get glimpses of or get to experience at special, infrequent events.”

“I was truly surprised at the effectiveness — I walked in pretty sure this would be a feel-good exercise at best, but these are genuine connections and fruitful possibilities!”

“Many skillsets and ideas that were shared caused me to consider my own skills as a product in a way I had not done before.[The experience] forced me to reflect on my skills and “offers” outside of my professional world… I was able to feel vulnerable and I think everyone else did as well, leading to organic dialogue in the development of community.”

For her part, Lynn also shared some inspiring reflections on the experience:

“We’re stepping beyond our everyday roles to participate as human beings in the Offers and Needs Market. Community connections are the backbone of resilience; if you have relationships across departments and dorms, then you have a more resilient community where people can count on each other, and draw on each other in more meaningful ways.

There was one student at each table of community members and faculty. The students were the biggest beneficiaries of this experience; it was deeply transformative and served to overcome some of their feelings of isolation and abandonment of past years. Nearly each student had tears in their eyes in the final sharing about what it meant to them to be able to participate in the market. That moved the staff and faculty to realize that they want to integrate this into their fall orientations.”

Learn more about the Offers and Needs Market, how to run one, and where to sign up for future trainings.

Here on our blog, our Content Manager Natalie Holmes collaborated with Post Growth Fellow Caroline Shenaz Hossein to showcase the power of rotating credit and saving associations (ROSCAs) to provide a model for sustainable economic development, based on Caroline’s groundbreaking work with racialized communities in Toronto.

The article was republished by Resilience and shared far and wide on social media, including these beautiful, original graphics by the Freedom Dreams Coop.

Another Post Growth Fellow, Djémilah Hassani, shared how being part of the inaugural Fellowship cohort has positively impacted her work:

Find out more about the Post Growth Fellowship.

Finally, it’s exciting to see that a new Minor in Sustainability and Economics has been launched at the University of Amsterdam — including the input of a few of our close collaborators, and featuring a module on post-growth entrepreneurship.

Post-Growth Economics

This month, we also published an article based on Post Growth Fellow Beth Stratford’s research on why tackling rent extraction could reduce our dependence on economic growth.

Plus, we’re super proud of PGI team member, Dylan Gibson, who co-produced an audiobook on false corporate solutions to the climate crisis. Entitled Hoodwinked in the Hothouse, it’s an engaging and dynamic listen, with each chapter read by movement leaders from across climate and environmental justice movements.

How our work is changing us

We’re honored to have recently welcomed Alba Roberts Gonzalez as our Director of Fundraising. Following her initial experiences with the PGI, Alba shared some inspiring feedback:

Find out more about the Post Growth Institute on our website, and sign up to our newsletter below.



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