Post Growth Ripples: November 2021

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Here at the Post Growth Institute, we collaboratively develop ideas, programs, events and alliances that promote the equitable circulation of money, power, and resources in our local communities and global economy.

Each month we publish an overview of our key activities and impact through the various pillars of our work. November has been particularly busy and inspiring!

Post-Growth Living

Our recently published articles have provided plenty of food for thought, with PGI team member Erin Remblance exploring life in a degrowth economy.

As part of our Post Growth Fellowship, Robert Wanalo shared a meditative piece on holistic economics, interdependence, and the need for flexibility in learning.

Find out more about the Post Growth Fellowship and our first cohort of 25 Fellows.

We also received some inspiring feedback from a recent Offers and Needs Market jam session for graduates of our facilitator training program:

The OANM is a safe container where differences and diversity can be held and nourished. It creates the practice and the culture of offering and receiving. It changes how we relate to each other. It closes the gap between us with something real. — Charmaine, Scotland

How can we be as proud and as connected with our needs as we are with our offers? This process moves us at the pace through which we recognize our humanity. — Sue, UK

The OANM is a group container where we heal loneliness and polarization through trust, authenticity, deep sharing, and connections. — Crystal, USA

The training is not exclusively about the OANM, it is not even about facilitating, it is about being. It is about creating a canvas of awareness that we can use to bring a more humane scale to the way we relate into our communities. — Shant, USA

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PGI team members Vanessa and Björn Michael hosted an Offers and Needs Market for the Climate Coaching Alliance, PGI co-founder Sharon Ede spoke to the Post-Growth Australia podcast about the role of fiction in social transformation, and our annual Free Money Day event was profiled by Dutch magazine Happinez.

Finally, as part of our own commitment to post-growth living, the PGI embarked on our first ever team retreat. It was a beautiful get-together amid the volcanic mountains of central France, with no agenda apart from to connect deeply with ourselves, each other, and the glorious nature all around.

Post-Growth Entrepreneurship

This month, we participated in a roundtable discussion on ‘climate change and its effects to the business sector’, organized by the European Student Association of Budapest. As part of our consultancy service, we assisted the Arts and Ecology Institute with board conflict of interests, and provided a pro-bono session for the KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies, helping them with their event planning.

Are you an entrepreneur or community organizer? Contact us now to book a consultancy.

Meanwhile, two Post Growth Fellows shared their groundbreaking business models. Find out the story behind Melanie Rieback’s Post Growth Entrepreneurship Incubator

…and how Davion Ziere is building a market platform that focuses on connecting us back to our communities and making it easier than ever for everyday people to make choices in alignment with the future they wish for.

Post-Growth Economics

The PGI’s Executive Director, Donnie Maclurcan presented on ‘Post-Extractivist Economics: getting to the more beautiful world our hearts know and desire’ at the University of Amsterdam and ‘Practical Steps towards the Post-Growth World our Heart’s Desire’ at the Annual Conference of the KÖVET Association in Budapest.

Donnie and the KÖVET crew

The PGI was also mentioned by Business as Unusual in their list of eight groundbreaking concepts and frameworks to catalyze new and regenerative mindsets for solving the world’s biggest problems. And we signed on to Real Solutions, a movement that calls on world governments to bring emissions and fossil fuel production down to “Real Zero,” by applying plans that are “based on real transformation, backed by real resources, and implemented with the real urgency demanded by the current crises.”

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Discover how you can be part of the global shift to an economy that’s better, not bigger, in our article: 50+ ways to support the Post Growth Institute.

To directly and immediately impact our work, donate today. Every single contribution makes a difference and inspires our team to even greater action. experiences with the PGI are rippling out to unexpected environments.

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