Post Growth Ripples: November 2022

How our work at the Post Growth Institute has been rippling out across the world this month.

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3 min readNov 18, 2022


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The Post Growth Institute’s mission is to help lead the transition to a world where human systems thrive within ecological limits. Inspired by the wisdom of natural systems, we celebrate, support and develop ideas, programs and alliances that promote the circulation of money, power and resources in our local communities and global economy. Each month we publish an overview of our key activities and impact through the various pillars of our work.

Post-Growth Living

We published an interview with futurist and Post Growth Fellow, Monika Bielskyte, about how moving beyond binaries and incorporating the worldviews of previously marginalized voices is instrumental in the co-creation of a future rooted in regenerative justice.

As the world’s first Post Growth Fellowship wraps up, we weaved together the inspiring body of content created throughout the Fellowship by researchers, activists, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Post-Growth Entrepreneurship

Tanja Wohlrab has been on a journey with our Offers and Needs Market (OANM) program since attending a public OANM in August. She is now completing 10 weeks of our training program and is in the process of becoming a certified OANM facilitator. Tanja works with, a soon-to-launch online community platform creating real-world local connections for personal and community growth and development in Reykjavik, Iceland. The organization is harnessing the power of the OANM to encourage members to meet in person, and recenly hosted their first in-person event. Afterwards, Tanja reflected:

It was a revolution for me to be a part of this form of community organizing. We all have different offerings and and that can be shared when there is a platform where we are heard.’s Offers and Needs Market in Iceland

Find out more about the Offers and Needs Market and how to participate in one, and join the waiting list for our next round of facilitator training.

Post-Growth Economics

Over on LinkedIn, Hans Stegeman, Chief Investment Strategist at Triodos Investment Management, shared his ideas about post-growth finance and linked to our webpage on post-growth economics.

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