Post Growth Ripples: September 2022

How our work at the Post Growth Institute has been rippling out across the world this month.

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4 min readSep 23, 2022


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Here at the Post Growth Institute, we collaboratively develop ideas, programs, events, and alliances that promote the equitable circulation of money, power, and natural resources in our local communities and global economy. Each month we publish an overview of our key activities and impact through the various pillars of our work.

Post-Growth Living

September 15th was Free Money Day, when people from around the world engaged in conversations and exchanges on the post-growth sharing economy.

Head over to Free Money Day on Twitter and Instagram to see more.

Also this month, Post Growth Fellow, Mike Strode, shared his reflections and experiments on how to build a healthier relationship with value in our lives.

Internally, we’ve been experimenting with a new onboarding process called Exploring Post Growth, and received some encouraging feedback from Argentinian participant Julia Inés Roitman:

Your explanation on asset-based approaches had a huge impact on me. Amid the turmoil and chaos and disaster and questions that Argentina is currently facing, the explanation you provided gave a sense of hope in future work and processes that I haven’t had in a long while.

Read more about the power of asset-based approaches.

Post-Growth Entrepreneurship

Also as part of the Fellowship, Zoljargal Mendbayar published an article based on her research about Native Community Development Financial Institutions, and how they contribute to Indigenous goals of sovereignty and self-determination — despite operating within a settler colonial system.

And, we were touched to see Post Growth Fellow, Caroline Shenaz Hossein, share how an article we produced helped communicate what the work she’s doing means to her.

Also this month, the next round of our Offers and Needs Market (OANM) Facilitator Training got underway — and we received some great feedback from a Brazil-based participant, who said:

I appreciate the time you guys are taking to get to know the people that will be participating in the training. I felt welcomed and included already. Great questions and very friendly to everyone! This will be an interesting journey and I hope I can get clearer in my mind what I can offer to the group. Maybe it will give me ideas for my work life as well. Thank you!

In an inspiring story about the power of the Offers and Needs Market to connect communities and foster resilience, we heard from someone in Sri Lanka who, in the midst of the country’s recent economic crisis, used our online resources to learn about and run a series of OANMs there.

An Offers and Needs Market in Sri Lanka

We were also excited to hear about a new app to improve collective wellbeing, based on OANM principles and created by a graduate of our Facilitator Training program.

Learn more about the Offers and Needs Market, how to run one, and where to sign up for future trainings.

Plus, as part of our nonprofit consultancy service, we assisted The Dustin Trust with exploring incorporation and fiscal sponsorship, and Teach from Your Best Self with its transition to nonprofit status.

Contact us to book a PGI team member for a workshop or consultancy.

Post-Growth Economics

Congratulations to Post Growth Fellow Tim Parrique on the publication of his book, Ralentir ou Perir: L’économie de la décroissance (Slow Down or Perish: The economics of degrowth). Tim’s accessible prose explains how our economy can be reorganized to prosper without growth — while mitigating climate change, eradicating poverty, reducing inequality, creating jobs, funding public services, and improving our quality of life. The Fresh edition is available now — and there’ll likely be an English translation in future, so keep an eye on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter feeds.

‘Ralentir ou périr: L’économie de la décroissance’ by Timothée Parrique

Meanwhile, Post Growth Fellow, Melanie Rieback, joined Noam Chomsky, Alicia Fall, and John D. Liu at the opening panel discussion for Amsterdam Climate Week.

Lastly, the PGI signed on to Focus on the Global South’s statement in condemnation of the accusations against, and arrest of, the Phillipines organization’s founder, Dr. Walden Bello.

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