Putting Post Growth Theory Into Practice

The Post Growth Entrepreneurship Incubator helps founders break free from traditional business models and implement sustainable non-extractive practices.

Annie Spratt via Unsplash

How do you define Post Growth Entrepreneurship?

A three-minute Post Growth Entrepreneurship primer

What brought you to post growth thinking and approaches?

What’s wrong with traditional business models?

Is donating profits the main way businesses can become ‘post growth’?

How do you teach Post Growth Entrepreneurship?

Melanie’s guest lecture on Post Growth Entrepreneurship to University of Amsterdam MBA students

What’s your experience been with the first two cohorts of the PGE Incubator?

What does the future look like for Post Growth Entrepreneurship?

Three things you can do right now



Guiding the way to a full circle, #postgrowth economy beyond capitalism.

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Post Growth Institute

Writing by team-members, guest contributors, and Fellows of the Post Growth Institute (PGI).