Ten Steps to Running an Offers and Needs Market

Why aren’t we more forthcoming in what we’re offering and what we need from each other?


  • the capacity for people to face each other in groups of up to 10 (preferably around circular or triangulated tables, so that people can write and speak to each other easily. As the Offers and Needs Market can get quite loud, make sure you’re able to easily move tables into closer configurations to accommodate for people with a hearing impairment); and
  • a wall, board or space for a flipchart at the front of the room, visible to all, where you can post the sample ‘Offers and Needs Sheet’.

Running the process

  • Services (e.g., picking up shopping)
  • Languages (e.g., conversational Spanish)
  • Engaging around an interest/passion (e.g., tennis buddy)
  • A piece or body of knowledge (e.g., how to use Twitter)
  • Physical resources (e.g., a used printer)
  • Personal/professional introductions and leads (e.g., connections with graphic designers)
  • Awareness around specific communities, cultures, religions, or spiritual/belief-systems (e.g., awareness of GLBTQ issues)
  1. What did you like about the process?
  2. What could be improved?
  3. Any other feedback you’d like to provide?




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Donnie Maclurcan

Works with @postgrowth. Passionate about people, purpose-driven business & planet. Focused on the circulation of money & socio-economic justice. He/his.