Upskilling for Post-growth Futures, Together

A list of skills to develop as we co-create a world beyond economic growth.

ThisisEngineering via Unsplash

We are now heading into a time when generalists — people who can see the big picture and connect seemingly disparate skills and fields of knowledge — are needed just as much as specialists.

What range of skills might we collectively need in order to thrive in post-growth futures?

Means of learning and the self

Community, family and leadership


Food and nature


Building, equipment, and vehicles

Urban-oriented skills

Crafts and making


Resilient leadership is less about creating invincible individuals and more about engaging with others in vulnerable ways that drive human connection.



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Donnie Maclurcan

Works with @postgrowth. Passionate about people, purpose-driven business & planet. Focused on the circulation of money & socio-economic justice. He/his.