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Abuse Culture Case Study: Parental Privilege Fallout

Summation of the phuckery re on my kid's abuse:

1. We know he did it. He admitted it and accepted responsibility for it.

2. I at least know why and how it happened. Still unacceptable, but understandable. Not condonable, but correctible.

3. Kiddo seems to have also been abused by others, but that's a separate issue. Those fuckers have not been held accountable and it sickens me.

4. The one actually serving time is undergoing restoration and actually being held accountable. The one abused has the space to heal, is safe, and will not be subject to such a horrendous experience again.

5. The jury trial is held up yet again, damnit, so June before we know what they decide. Unless they delay again. Waiting is torture.

6. The choices are plea bargain with time served counted towards sentence or life without parole (wtf).

7. Accounting for all the "justice" system imbalances, my mom's phuckery, my stance on abuse, and abuse culture in general makes this really, really bizarre for me in ways I can't fully describe.

8. I still see some issues - love is not a blinder but clarifier for me - but none which further endanger us. Boundaries are respected and will be maintained. I am not my useless mother and I am not my apathetic father.

9. I still don't know what the future entails, with us holding this. It is transparent and acknowledged and not hidden or shameful like in so many other families. It is not ignored but actively discussed and analyzed. The one it happened to and their health is the priority, and we take our lead from them. Simple as that.

Restorative justice is nuanced and difficult and takes so much active time. It looks different in each situation but the underlying processes and tools remain the same:

Center the most marginalized/the victim, create space and funnel resources toward their safety and health, the accountability process is secondary - at their request, with their input, and for their benefit only. Accountability is only possible with recognition, acknowledgment, remorse, and reparations. It is not a solitary event but an ongoing practice and permanent change.

The victim owes nothing.

Postmodern Woman

All we ask is to be acknowledged. Let people know we exist. These are our stories and services. May we hold you accountable?

Michon Neal

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Postmodern Woman

All we ask is to be acknowledged. Let people know we exist. These are our stories and services. May we hold you accountable?

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