A Genuine Plea For Content Creators To Check Out Tad

I’m going to write this at the risk coming off like a total shill. I’m just tired of never having the funds to financially support my favorite content creators. Tad could solve this problem for me, and perhaps others. All I ask is that if you’re interested, look into it for yourself.

Let me make this incredibly clear right off the bat: I don’t work for this company, I am not friends with anyone who works at this company, I was not asked to write this, I was not paid to write this, I am not affiliated or associated with Tad in any way whatsoever. With that out of the way, let’s continue.

Tad is fairly simple. It’s an app you download to watch adds. As you watch them, you earn points (Tads) that you can freely distribute to the content creators of your choice. The content creators then get paid money for the Tads they receive. That’s it.

If you want more details, check out their website. If you’re a creator looking to sign up with them, you can find more info here. They also seem very responsive on Twitter.

Up to this point, it seems like mostly smaller YouTubers are using the service, although lately, I’ve seen some Twitch folks finally getting on board. I found out about the service from a YouTube channel I frequent, GreekGadgetGuru. He mentioned it on one of his videos a while back so I gave it a shot and I’ve been using it ever since, patiently waiting for more creators to hop on. From what I can gather, the creators who use it have been pleasantly surprised. Tad touts paying “significantly more” per view than traditional add revenue systems. I’m not privy to the specifics so I can’t say for sure one way or the other.

The point here is that I want a way to give back to my favorite streamers and YouTubers, beyond just views. Not having the money to sub or tip on Twitch when you want to sucks. Tad (or a similar service) might prove to be a solution for people like me. I just wish more people knew about it.

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