Discord Is Quietly Taking Over The World

Discord, the chat application, has been destroying the competition for a while now. They keep adding new features and performance is incredibly solid. For the gaming community in particular, its dominating. Whether by design or happy accident though, it’s also done something else I find to be far more significant. It has, in a way, brought back the long forgotten days of IRC chat rooms.

I’ve used Discord for a while as just a voice client when my friends and I play games, but then I started to branch out from my own little server. What I found has been nothing short of incredible. There’s everything from huge Twitch communities, D&D role-playing servers, pirating groups, and so much more. I’ve seen the same people in multiple, completely unrelated servers. I’ve made friends and gotten to know “regulars”. Need help writing fiction or just want some feedback on your work? There’s servers for that as well. Even some businesses have opened up Discord servers for live tech support. Apparently, there’s even a server for people really into getting healed by Mercy in Overwatch.

With some help from a new friend, I (mostly her, lol) managed to get a bot hooked into my server to play music requested by people in chat. It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

If I wasn’t around to catch the tail end of the IRC glory days, this would be a wholly unique experience for me. Instead, it’s felt more like a coming home party, a return to form (but even better) in a weird way. It feels like this kind of community hub has been missing from the internet for a while. I’m just glad it exists again and I have a feeling it’s going to be a part of my life for a while to come.

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