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Do You Want to Help as a Mother? Than Do This

Volunteering is Hard when you have a little baby, and your support is more valuable now than ever

The first few months after becoming a mother I started feeling the need to give back to the community. This desire was partially caused by the fact that I wasn’t working full time, which meant that my mind had time to kill; but it was also driven by the fact that I felt incredibly grateful for the gift I had just received. My baby was healthy, thriving, and my little family was stronger than ever before.

I then started looking into how I could dispose of my free time, by doing some volunteering gig. I suddenly felt overwhelmed by all the options, and by the amount of time it was required to volunteer. I was willing to give up a couple of hours of my motherhood week, and I was faced with companies that were looking for a full-time unpaid position. The concept of volunteering had clearly changed from the time, ten years ago, when I used to serve soups and porridge to homeless people at dinner time. Once a week.

I didn’t give up and I kept surfing the net and chatting to people to find if there was something I could do, when the answer was right in front of my face.
There are lots of mothers out there, living next door and in other countries, that are struggling to make ends meets, or that want but can’t breastfeed, or that need some time off as they are dealing with the powerful symptoms of an ever going hormonal shift.
Those women could be me. Those women could be you.

If you are a mother wanting to serve and don’t know how, start by doing the following:

Donate to the Milk bank
I was gifted with an abundant supply of milk, which I had to squeeze out after feeding my baby. That milk got frozen and left in the freezer for the longest time. I didn’t know about the milk bank until I came across it on a random post on Facebook. There are women out there desperately looking for that liquid gold, as they have a poor supply, and their babies need a nice dose of maternal milk to boost their immunity and microbiome.
If you have stopped breastfeeding, or if you have an abundant supply, sign up to those groups and start donating. You will be actively helping babies all around your country to thrive and get the best chance to live a healthier life.

Give clothing and toys to families that really need them

I hate looking at unwanted bags of clothing left outside the “charity collecting” bins of all churches. They get dumped because they are out of fashion, or they were becoming a nuisance in someone’s wardrobe. They get left dirty, stained, broken, and they get also dumped on rainy nights (c’ mon!!!!)
There are mothers that can’t buy new clothes for their babies, they simply don’t have the money for that. Start by washing your baby clothes and toys, separate them by age and gender, wrap them and place them in a safe bag. And then look for someone around your area that share those useful and life-changing items. The wonderful organisation “Mummies Paying it Forward” based in Sydney support many families by donating pre-loved accessories to kids of all ages. You can become an active supporter of a similar organisation by becoming a collecting point.
I’m not ashamed to admit that our neighbor and my sister were our best supporters; we basically didn’t buy anything for the first year of Luna’s life. I don’t even know how much money, and shopping time we have saved in those twelve months, which is one of the reasons I now feel obliged to do the same and support other families out there. What goes around comes around they say.

Start up a babysitting circle
You may have your family or relatives around, or you can have the best-unmarried siblings that are always willing to babysitting mid-week or even on the weekend. But remember that some families don’t have support.
We raised our little bundle of joy 24 hours flights away from our country of origin; our families and siblings couldn’t help. We had to pay to get some support until I set up a babysitting circle with some close friends and friends of friends.
How does it work? You babysit the baby of a friend for 2 hours or so; everything is pre-arranged in advance to avoid last minute surprises. The following week, she does it for you. If you have 3–4 or more girlfriends in the group, it means that everyone will get a chance to take so much needed time off on a monthly basis. Win-win!

Keep giving to the community, and watch magic unfold…



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