Dustyhawk aka lionel goh

An Open Letter to Duskyhawk aka Serge Norguard aka Lionel Goh  

You have spoken your piece. Now, allow us to retort. 

A little Background and Context

For full story on what happened, go here in says.my’s report on the story.

Lionel’s latest public reply. PS: no need to take it down… we’ve saved the page.

Your Actions Have Real Repercussions

I’m writing this piece because there are real consequences to the victims of your blog. At the moment, the internet is still too new where there are not enough laws that can protect the victims, and people like you can get away with it.

The real victims are the girls who’s pictures are now freely and publicly distributed in the internet, with their real names and identity attached. The pictures are now accessible anywhere, especially in websites where people with unsavoury intentions gather to such purposes. And if these people have malicious intentions, they can now have a target — a girl with a real name and what country they are from, where they can easily search for in facebook or on search engine. Thanks to you, Lionel Goh. And the thing about the internet is, once anything goes public, you can’t take it back.

To all readers who has a sister, girlfriend, family or friend who doesn’t know the true extend of the damage that can happen if such a thing happened, you can read here.

Not only are you Lionel Goh getting away with it, you proved to everybody they can do the same thing as well, and face very little real consequences, compared to the victim they harmed.

And because the authorities are just not prepared for situations like these, little can be done. The authorities can’t shut down the pictures if they are in public domain, and it will live in the internet forever. And the internet acts very fast. Its a world where abusers have the upper hand.

I think nothing can be done to make the laws stronger. And the same thing with relevant authories. I don’t even think we can do anything to change people’s mind about sharing their private information in their private profiles.

I think what we can change however, is to match the exact same consequences of such actions back to delinquents like Lionel Goh, if they ever got caught. To show and make an example to the world, so that the next time when an abuser is thinking of doing something like this, there’s consequences to consider before actually doing it.

Its Time We Start Another Social Experiment

The internet is fair. It doesn’t judge.

Since whatever you have done, you freely admit, and all your actions are recorded forever in the internet, let’s create a blog for just that.

Google search: Sex offender malaysia = Lionel goh

Let’s start by searching for all the sex offenders, sex delinquents, blogs, forums, websites. And submit the following information: Lionel Goh, Malaysia. Actions: compiled private photos of all his facebook friends who are below 18, and distributed them on blogspot named sweetyoungmalaysiangirls. Its not defamation if its true.

Lionel’s personal wikipedia page.

Then let’s create a wikipedia page, where we put all the news and evidence we compiled so far, so that your name and your actions are stated there forever. We’ve done nothing wrong so far, this is all public information. Let’s not forget to create our own blogspot with the relevant SEO keywords: Lionel Goh from Malaysia, Steals young girls photos, social experiments.

Then let’s create an automated script and follow your facebook, twitter, linkedin. Everytime you made a new friend, the script automatically message and show the link of the wikipedia page to your new friend, and let them know you are a genius architect of a social experiment.

And let’s not stop there, let’s create ads in linkedin, so that anytime your name is searched there, an conveniently placed linkedin Ad directs the clicks to the wikipedia page as well. Your boss should be so pleased to know they’re hiring a person who read 48 laws of Power. And if they displayed herd mentality and refuse to hire you, you can always justify yourself that they exhibit cognitive biases and acted irrationally in not hiring you. Bosses can be really stupid sometimes, and you get to know real nature whether they are real friends or enemy.

Finally, thanks to your dustyhawk.net whois domain information. Your address and handphone number is freely available to the public. Maybe people with a sense of justice from anonymous forums would like to know your exploits, and congratulate you by sending you private messages to your house, your phone, your private email, your close family and friends, your facebook, your twitter, your linkedin etc. Everyday.

Why Do This?

Because this is happening exactly to victims who’s identity and pictures are stolen and distributed to the internet. Their lives are directly affected, forever. By having their information forever in the public, you can’t take it back.

These are the things that happen to your victim when you overlooked the consequences that could happen.

If Lionel can do this, he can do it again. It could be Lionel’s acquantances, his future ex girlfriend who he broken up with, Lionel’s friend’s family.

When trying to delay shutting down your pedo blog, in your efforts to turn it into a chess-like cat and mouse game, trying to figure out what you could do to save your skin …You kept the blog alive. When traffic was highest, you allow people to visit the site and download as much data as they can before it went down. You could have avoided all those, by answering the pleas of your victim, who just wanted their pictures taken down, who a lot of them, are still open to the idea of forgiving you.

People took action to reveal the true owner of the blog because their friends or sisters are the victims.

Because that is the real priority here.

And you ignore them.

Your Call to Action

Publicly issue an apology and reveal everything to the world. Let potential abusers know that there will be consequences. And such actions is not welcomed or condoned.

Privately issue an apology to all your victims, and suggest methods to help them prevent such things from ever happening again. Let them know how people like you can easily obtain their private photos and how to avoid it.

Volunteer yourself as the primary spokesperson for cyber civil rights. Speak against the violation of personal privacy and the ruinous consequences that ensue. Speak on behalf for the victims who have no voice in the matter, who wish only to be forgotten but are unable to. Speak against the abusers who you once represented, strike fear to the hearts of any potential abusers, and paint a vivid picture to them the consequences if they dare to consider doing it. Speak against cyber crimes and be part of the movement against wrongdoers.

Instead of collecting pictures of young girls, start collecting pictures of cyber criminals. Instead of taking pictures of girls, start taking picture of pedophiles. Create a blogspot for those people instead. Make sure these are the people who aren’t going to be forgotten instead, who will live in the internet forever.

You want to make a name for yourself. Now’s your chance. Use whatever left of your reputation and put it to good use. Who knows. You could even redeem yourself and see this is as your real calling.

Your move.