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Bridging the gap between Slack and Email

Marc Blinder
Jun 7, 2016 · 3 min read

Emmerge was founded at the end of 2014, and for the entire life of our business we’ve been asked about how our product relates to Slack. Are we the Slack of email? Are we intra-company Slack? Are we the anti-Slack? It’s an interesting phenomenon, because we always felt that sharing content and tasks from email with your team was pretty much parallel to Slack. They seemed to work together or separately equally well.

Over time, we came to realize (as people usually do) that what the market was asking for is exactly what we should build. More and more teams are using Slack to communicate and even though Slack doesn’t do tasks (yet) it is the main place millions of people share content with their team. Sometimes that content comes from email, and when it does there isn’t really a great way to bridge that gap. (Especially on mobile!)

So today, we’re making it incredibly easy to get content from email into Slack and tasks from Slack into Emmerge. As always, we’re doing on it on iOS, Web, Mac and PC. If you’re one of the many, many people juggling email and Slack every day, Emmerge is perfect for you.

Our target market has always been people who spend as much time at work communicating externally as they do communicating internally - marketing, sales, legal, account management, customer success, PR, HR, recruiting, etc. The external people can’t spend as much time in internal tools like Slack, as teams like product, design and engineering do. But they are the eyes and ears of the business. The information in their inboxes is critical to the entire enterprise and needs to get into that shared Slack space. This integration will help them keep the internal folks informed and up to date about the latest client emails (including screenshots and other attachments). We’re also making it easy for those internal folks to keep track of all those great ideas that get buried in chat and share them with the external folks who aren’t watching every message go by.

It’s easy:

Slack users can capture tasks on the fly by typing /emmerge-task. Anyone in the channel can check the status of that task later, without signing up for Emmerge. And, when that task gets done, we let the channel know.

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When tasks get completed, we let the whole channel know

Emmerge users will have a Slack icon next to each email that let’s them share that message, with it’s attachments, to any channel or via direct message. The recipients get the message in Slack and a link to download the files, also without signing up for Emmerge.

And, because Emmerge already lets you create tasks in emails, you can use one app for project management across both Slack and email.

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Emails shared with Emmerge are readable, searchable and accessible by the whole team

Download Emmerge on iOS, Mac or PC or visit us on the Web.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Twitter or using the contact link in the app.

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