Imagine Sisyphus Happy

GAP reports, reflections, and testimonials from Sisyphean High

Course Testimonials

We start with the course itself, because grade abatement is the fulcrum for everything else. These are the testimonials of students and parents who have gone through Sisyphean High.

First, read this subreddit thread made for incoming students in 2015–2016:

Some of those comments will appear elsewhere (for instance, in this summer assignment post), and the subreddit itself is an archive of student experience.

Next, read one of the essays volunteered by a student who finished the course last year:

Keep in mind that we are now attempting to break down the tracking that is so prevalent in high school — the sense that adding the AP prefix creates entirely new species of students. There must be more collaboration between all students of a particular grade level.

That same thinking should help contextualize this letter, penned by one of the more successful students to go through the program in 2014–2015:

More course testimonials can be found in the GAP reports below. Here is one example:

The critical piece of this testimonial, like most of what you will read, is that it does not concern itself with me. It is easy to build a cult of personality; it is much more important that the positive feedback is about the course and the students themselves.

Finally, read this testimonial from a parent:

GAP Reports

The GAP reports produced at the end of each quarter follow the same protocol, but the results vary immensely. The following folder archives 14 GAP reports from the fourth quarter of the 2014–2015 school year:

Reading through these models is the most effective window into the grade abatement process.