From Data to Decisions: Week 4 Updates

Week 4 brought along solid decisions.

We narrowed down our problem space to:
1. Bringing out creativity to the individual
2. Promoting of ideation with peers
3. Facilitating fast group collaboration

Idea Crunching

With these problems in mind, our group faced the challenge of finalizing an appropriate app idea. We narrowed it down to 3:

1. Yik Yak for inspiration/creativity

Description: User posts something (ie. quote, picture, art) anonymously that inspired them and people can up-vote ones that they like.

• Anonymity provides comfort
• Allows people to garner inspiration
• Quick and easy

• Too similar to Yik Yak
• Only difference is attracting the “appropriate” community

2. Lesson Exchange

Description: User can meet up with another individual online to exchange lessons with each other.

• Mentor/mentee facilitator
• Spreads different creative approaches

• Difficulty establishing an appropriate skill-swap incentive
• Difficulty in attracting the appropriate demography of skills

3. Crazy Eights

Description: Web version of Crazy 8s. Users have a limited timeframe to draw ideas down. Used to collect and critique ideas.

• Versatile idea
• Facilitates feedback from peers

• Needs to be really organized
• Might not be incentivizing for certain people

After careful consideration of these 3 ideas, we decided to go with a web version of Crazy Eights. Given our strong knowledge on the subject, coding abilities, and Crazy Eight’s versatility in usage and development, we felt that this would be a project we can develop fully and effectively.

Crazy Eights Prototyping

Through multiple user surveys, ideations, and technical abilities analyses, our group is happy to finally begin prototyping Crazy Eights.

We hope to finalize main application decisions within the coming week. Stay tuned!