We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” — Albert Einstein

Why are we aligned to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Why are they so important to me. To us. To Potential.

When we say we ‘see the world through different eyes’ — we see the World as we want it to be. Through a hopeful lens; with endless possibility of how it could be if we gave amazing people and ideas the platform they needed to have the most impact.

We know we need to innovate our way out of these problems and we also know that start ups are the best hope of solving them. We want to play our part. And our part is giving a platform and a voice to people and ideas who might often be overlooked.

We want to bridge the gap — between activism, corporates and politics — using our funds to deploy money where it is needed most. We can be lean and nimble. We can move fast — launch funds and invest quickly. We can be the difference between talk and action; backing outliers with great ideas who can take ambitious risks with our backing.

We want to back inspiring, conscious leaders — people who are driven by purpose and impact. People who are the Real Models of the future.

But why?

Is it virtue signalling to be hopeful?

Believing in something bigger than me, than us — something we are only a small part of but something that we share as a collective responsibility.

Sometimes, when surrounded with the reality of the societal problems we face; we can feel overwhelmed. I look at the sheer volume and complexity of the issues I see, and feel there is no clear path ahead.

What impact could I or we have?

We are not the solutions providers ourselves, but we can help these amazing people find the funding, tools and platform so that they can be.

We are all about Potential. We are all about outliers. We believe they are the greatest chance and hope for our future.

Our problems will not be solved by conventional thinking.

We are here to help unlock innovation as a crucial piece of the puzzle.

We see the Sustainable Development Goals as the best blueprint we have to set about making a difference. A framework to incorporate when building our funds with intention.

It will take action at all levels to make it possible.

So whilst I as an individual can feel hopeless at times – I feel so hopeful when we chat to founders and innovators who see the Global Goals as a problem to solve; a rallying cry and something to unite behind.

We would love to hear from you — What is your WHY?

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