POV Crypto — Episode 11 w/ Ameen Soleimani from Spankchain

Episode 11 is live!

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We had the pleasure of speaking with Ameen Soleimani from the Spankchain project.

Ameen began his career in the Ethereum ecosystem working at Consensys. He has become an expert in the space of payment channels on Ethereum, and is on the bleeding edge of innovation when it comes to developmental tech in the space.

Topics in the Episode include

  1. SpankChain, and it’s current state in its roadmap
  2. The story of SpankChain getting hacked (incredible series of events)
  3. The role of the consistently sexual and audacious names behind some of the infrastructure included in SpankChain
  4. The different kinds of payment channels out there
  5. The $420,000 grant given to SpankChain to develop micropayment channel tech
  6. Moloch the Canaanite God of Child Sacrifice,
  7. The Moloch DAO that Ameen is building
  8. And of course, the future of Cryptocurrency!

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