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POV Crypto Episode 22 — Why Ether is Bad Money w/ Ansel Lindner

Christian brings Ansel Lindner from Bitcoin and Markets Podcast to give a rebuttal to Episode 21: The Case for Ether as Money

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The Debate Continues

David and Ryan Sean Adams got a chance to pitch “Ether as Money” in Episode 21.

Now it’s the Bitcoiner’s turn.

Christian brings famous Bitcoiner Ansel Lindner from the Bitcoin and Markets Podcast, to discuss where Ether fails as money, and illustrates it’s weaknesses in comparison to Bitcoin.

Topics of Conversation Include

  • The erratic and unknown monetary policy of Ethereum
  • Proof of Stake & Premine drawbacks
  • Bitcoin as a decentralized organism (article link)
  • Comparison of Bitcoin vs Ethereum upgrade process
  • Ether = lockup token doesn’t work for money
  • Hyper-complexity in the Ethereum system
  • General Ponzi-ness of Ethereum and ICOs

Check out Ansel’s podcast as well!



Industry insiders David Hoffman and Christian Keroles explore the crypto markets, news, and interesting ideas in cryptocurrency. POV Crypto offers a diverse range of perspectives from the hosts’ experience living in this brave new blockchain world.

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