Welcome, Volcafe Way!

Nancy Ramos, Manager for Methodology, training Volcafe Way on the methodology. Costa Rica.

Increasingly society expects and asks the business sector, through social and environmental attitudes, greater collaboration with the challenges of eliminating poverty. From my experience working with them I dare to say that companies have certain natural characteristics that can bring light to the shadows and help to approach and execute methodologies that facilitate access to a world to which much of the population does not have access. In recent months I have had the pleasant opportunity to meet organizations in whose will is very present the intent and action of aligning their work to contribute to this great challenge.

On this occasion, in an intense week of learning, I accompanied our partner Volcafe Way, who work with coffee producers with a global approach to the sustainable obtaining of high quality coffee through support to farmers. They provide direct technical assistance, helping them to continuously improve the quality of their coffee, the productivity of their farm and the performance of their employees. We reinforced the training of the Poverty Stoplight to consolidate the implementation of the methodology.

With the sum of the philosophies of Volcafé Way and Poverty Stoplight we can obtain great potential, driven by the commitment of two organizations whose approaches have the common objective of bringing together work strategies that translate into greater sustainability and better quality of life for families. Welcome, Volcafe Way, to this great challenge!