Power Africa Visits Rickly Hydrological

Mike Rickly is the third generation Chief Executive Officer of Rickly Hydrological. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Mike’s family firm has been manufacturing market-leading hydrological instruments since the 1920s.

Recently, the Rickly team invested in a new business unit focused on the manufacture and rehabilitation of small turbines. With support from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Rickly engineers developed and refined a suite of new hydropower technologies.

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency, in support of the U.S. Government’s Power Africa program, has been helping the Rickly team connect with African power project sponsors. On July 9, Power Africa’s interagency team, led by the U.S. Agency for International Development’s U.S. Power Africa Coordinator Andrew Herscowitz, visited Columbus to learn about Rickly’s innovative product lines and identify new opportunities to strengthen collaboration.

CEO of Rickly Hydrological, Mike Rickly, leads a tour of Rickly’s machine shop and demonstrates the capabilities of Rickly to fabricate parts that extend the life of older turbines.

The Rickly team developed technology to address three markets within the small hydropower universe. The MOD-Hydro System includes an intake structure, an integrated powerhouse, and switchgear, which are shipped to the site as pre-plumbed and wired sections. “Mod-Hydro systems can be quickly deployed across Africa at a low cost. These systems make it very easy to install hydro, and are well-suited for markets in Sub-Saharan Africa with rivers, hills, and communities eager to access energy,” explained Ryan Cook, Director of Hydropower Development. The PROPEL-Hydro System was designed to add low-cost power generation capacity to the world’s non-powered dams. These systems use an in-pipe turbine design to drive down civil works costs and eliminate the need for a powerhouse. Finally, the Conduit Hydro System is designed to recover energy lost in pressure reduction stations.

These technologies were designed for U.S. marketplaces, where a century of investment in flood control and agricultural infrastructure has created a landscape of non-powered dams and conduits. There are similar markets in Africa that can take advantage of this innovative U.S. technology. For this reason, Mike and his colleagues are working with potential African buyers who want to harness the energy generation potential of their thousands of waterways with novel technologies.

USTDA’s tools are well suited to help Rickly achieve their business goals. “We’re looking at several opportunities to potentially pilot test Rickly’s turbine technology,” said USTDA’s Implementation Manager David Riposo. “The key ingredient for the Rickly team will be a strong local partner.”

The U.S. Government’s Power Africa program looks forward to helping Mike, his team, and other U.S. companies qualify for new sales opportunities, showing how U.S. technology and manufacturing can help power the African continent into a new era.

Ryan Cook, Director of Hydropower Development for Rickly Hydrological, describes the value proposition of Rickly’s novel turbines for sub-Saharan Africa markets.

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