A letter on Climate Change — Jason Du

Dear reader,

Our planet is currently, and has been, undergoing an environmental crisis for over 30 years. Our polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, and ecosystems and animal habitats are being damaged and destroyed. It’s important to inform and educate yourself about the environmental state of our planet and do what is best to keep our Earth healthy and clean. I understand that you and many others may have a hard time grasping the idea of climate change, but you must trust the scientists who have studied and explored this topic for years and believe in the evidence that has been collected over the years which proves that this issue is extremely important. I’m writing to you to give you some basic information about climate change in general, and in hopes of inspiring you to make a positive change in your life to help preserve our environment and live a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle. Climate change has always been very complicated because of the wide variety of sources that cause it, but a plan was developed in order to try and mitigate and control the amount of greenhouse gases and other pollutants that get emitted into the atmosphere. The Green New Deal is a plan proposed by congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and it is a congressional resolution which lays out a detailed plan on solving climate change. The plan includes changes such as transitioning to reliable energy sources, reforming the agricultural sector, introducing a new transportation system to limit the amount of gas emissions from cars, and setting new rules and regulations on businesses which would limit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions they are allowed to emit. This idea would also help create millions of new jobs in the environmental sector, as well as tackle the issues of poverty and income inequality. At the end of the day, we all share the same planet, we all need it’s resources to live, which is all the more reason we should take the necessary actions to preserve it for as long as possible. Scientists predict that if nothing is done by the year 2030, the damage will be irreversible, so it’s our responsibility to take action now before it’s too late! I truly believe that our generation will be the one to make significant changes in the environmental justice movement and I urge you to join the fight and do your part in your everyday life to help save the planet!

Best regards,

Jason :)




Power and Representation is the core course at Kresge College at the University of California, Santa Cruz — a campus with a history of student-led and participatory educational initiatives. These are the creative interventions of our intrepid entering class of 2020.

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Jason Du

Jason Du

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