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Community Update: May 2018

Here’s what the team has been up to the past month.

Dear POWR Community,

May is a special month in Power Ledger’s story. We celebrated the company’s 2nd birthday this month and put together a summary of our milestones to date.

⚡ Our Thai partners BCPG announced a 12-MW rooftop solar projectwith Chiang Mai University and plan to use the Power Ledger platform to facilitate peer-to-peer energy trading.

⚡Dave visited Calgary where he presented at the Energy Disruptors conference then continued his trip to the U.S. to meet with our project partners, Clean Energy Blockchain Network. He was also interviewed and featured on the Future of Humanity podcast.

⚡Jemma gave the keynote at the Women in Leadership and Governance and Risk Management events in Perth.

⚡Marc van Hoof and Bill Tai discussed our projects on US television.

⚡We were featured in TechCrunch, Bloomberg, CNET and Inc.

⚡James presented at the Australian Energy Storage Conference in Adelaide.

⚡We hired two superstars, George De Bono and Matt Grantham, to join our sales team in Melbourne and a Communications Officer, Cameron Drummond, who starts with us in a just over a week.

⚡We’re on a mission to find more tech experts to join the team, including:

Blockchain Developer

Distributed Systems Engineer

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and interest in Power Ledger. Our community keeps us focused on the important work in front of us and we can’t thank you enough.

We’re open to queries and feedback at any time, so if you have any questions about who we are or what we’re doing, please contact us via our official social platforms, chat with us on Telegram or ask us live during one of our Q&A sessions.

If you’re a business or energy company interested in working with us, you can reply to this email or message support@powerledger.io.

The Power Ledger team

BCPG To Install 12 MW Rooftop Solar For Chiang Mai University’s Smart City-Clean Energy Project, Using Power Ledger P2P Platform

Power Ledger partner BCPG has announced it has been selected to install 12-MW rooftop solar power system for Chiang Mai University in Thailand to help with energy conservation and promote the use of renewable energy by selling electricity to the university.

BCPG will jointly develop Chiang Mai University towards becoming a smart and clean campus under the University’s Master Plan for Energy and the Environment. The company plans to study consumers’ energy consumption behaviour by using Power Ledger’s peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading platform.

The Power Ledger P2P Platform will provide automated reconciliation and settlement as well as aggregating excess capacity and energy to provide virtual power plant (VPP) services such as network control for the distribution network.


Power Ledger Profiled In CNET: ‘Blockchain Helps Us Take Green Power Into Our Own Hands’

As part of CNET’s “Fight The Power” series about the people, organizations and countries transforming the way we think about energy for the better, Power Ledger’s Dave Martin, Dr. Jemma Green and Meagan Cojocar were interviewed and profiled.


Power Ledger In Bloomberg: ‘Blockchain May Soon Be Helping Puerto Rico Keep The Lights On’

The appointment of Dante Disparte as Power Ledger’s strategic advisor and ambassador for the Americas was featured in Bloomberg.

Following an unprecedented wave of natural and man-made disasters in 2017, including the devastation in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, which has endured the second most severe blackout in history, the case for future-proofing the world’s energy matrix is urgent.

Mr. Disparte’s appointment will help us spur the needed investments, policy changes and market expansion throughout the Americas to accelerate a wave of energy innovations, democratizing access to clean, resilient and renewable energy.


Power Ledger in TechCrunch: ‘Power Ledger Deploys Blockchain-Based P2P Energy Trading System In Chicago’

At the beginning of May we announced that as part of our partnership with Clean Energy Blockchain Network, we would be working on our first commercial deployment in the US.

TechCrunch covered this development saying ‘The Australian-born Power Ledger is now moving beyond trials and into the commercial deployment of its platform. It’s a sign that the market is not only open to the concept of peer-to-peer trading but ready to start implementing.’READ ARTICLE

Australian Energy Storage Conference

Power Ledger’s James Eggleston presented at the conference in Adelaide. Here he is with James Giblin from Synergy discussing blockchain at the event.


Join Us For Our Next Community Question & Answer Session

This month Co-founder and Managing Director David Martin, Senior Commercial Specialist Anya Nova and UX Developer Mili Wijeratne will be online on our Facebook page to answer your questions live.




Powerledger is an Australian technology company that has developed a world-first blockchain enabled renewable energy trading platform, that is now available in more than nine countries, across four continents, enabling customers to access and trade cheaper, cleaner electricity.

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