Congratulations to our October Community Advocate Champion

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Power Ledger would like to congratulate our October Community Advocate champion — Jinhoo Jang from Seoul, Korea — who will receive AUD $100 worth of POWR tokens and have AUD $100 donated by Power Ledger to his nominated charity, Council of Single Mothers and Their Children, who supports single mothers for their rights in employment, income security, affordable childcare and housing and respectful treatment from government agencies.

Jinhoo has provided unwavering support to Power Ledger through his active participation in our Korean Telegram channel, helping Korean community members understand our projects and systems. He has also created a 25 min YouTube video to explain the range of Power Ledger products and consistently posts on his IT/Tech blog to share his views on AGE, implications of winning the XTC 2018, and more. We are extremely grateful for the support and voice of Jinhoo and our entire community.

Cheers to you, Jinhoo!

You can catch our October Community Advocate winner as a regular participant in the Official Power Ledger Korea Telegram(@jinhoojang).

About Council of Single Mothers and Their Children

The Council of Single Mothers and their Children(CSMC) is a non-profit organization founded by single mothers to improve both their lives and those of their children. Based in Victoria, we have members around the country and have been supporting and empowering single mothers and fighting for changes to systems, services and community attitudes since 1969.

CSMC’s priorities reflect the diversity of our members and include: affordable housing, income security, family law, child support, family violence, parenting support, flexible employment and study, and social connections. We provide information and referrals via our telephone Support Line and emails, distribute emergency relief and collaborate with other organizations and our members in advocating for change.

Learn more: