More bounty in your bounty!

Power Ledger enjoyed the massive support of a group of active supporters in its bounty team across the course of the Token Generation Event.

Power Ledger
Nov 2, 2017 · 3 min read

Due to the huge volume of contributions to the bounty program, continual changes to API’s and security settings of the social media platforms and because of the limitations of existing social media analysis tools, we can’t tell exactly how many likes, shares, posts and retweets came from our bounty team.

We want to apologize to all those who’s bounty accounts were not showing correctly and for the issues the API lags caused. We want to make sure we can reward people for their support as we said we would, but most importantly, we want to thank our bounty team for being our loudest, proudest voice during the ICO.

So… what do we do? Our plan had been to calculate the total pool of likes, shares, posts and retweets and then allocate the 1,500,000 POWR tokens put aside for bounty on the basis of each participant’s share of that total pool.

With inexact details for some platforms we can’t follow through with the initial bounty plan.

But what we will do is allocate an additional 1,000,000 POWR tokens equitably across all 6,500 bounty participants as a measure of thanks. This will result in a total of 2,500,000 POWR tokens in the bounty pool.

We also implemented a credit floor, meaning everyone who participated will get a portion of the POWR tokens. Lastly, we increased the amount of credits received for article posts, as we found these bounty activities to receive much more engagement and have a larger impact on the overall Power Ledger mission. This change will result in all participants receiving more POWR tokens than our previously purposed bounty allocation method.

The additional tokens will come from the pool allocated to founders and developers, so there’s no impact on the total number of tokens in circulation or the token price.

Tokens will be allocated to the wallet you provided us in 24 hours from the time this article was posted (Nov 2nd at 10 a.m. Perth time). Your bounty accounts will not be updated with the new totals.

While bots and bounty hunters reporting 5,000 likes of Power Ledger’s social media posts in a single 24-hour period* attempted to participate, many were our core group of supporters, who’d participated in the Token Generation Event (TGE) themselves and wanted to see the world turn to a more equitable, sustainable and democratic energy system.

We hope you’ll continue to share our vision of a democratized energy future because the POWR is now in your hands!

*Power Ledger did not reward fake accounts, duplicate accounts or bots with POWR tokens during our bounty campaign.

Editor’s Note (1/19): An earlier version of this post referred to bots and bounty hunters as ‘participants’. However no bots or fake accounts were rewarded by Power Ledger for their efforts. Our bounty process was audited to ensure all participants followed the rules.

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