We Love Our POWR Community. Here’s How We’re Saying Thanks.

We’re rewarding our most active community member each month.

Photo by William White on Unsplash.

We’ve been blown away by the support and engagement the Power Ledger community has provided us. When we undertook our token generation event, we couldn’t begin to imagine how successful and how broad that level of support would be.

So we want to say thank you.

On top of working incredibly hard behind the scenes on the Power Ledger project, each month we’ll recognize key contributors to the community with some Power Ledger swag and POWR tokens.

Prize Includes:

  • $100 AUD worth of POWR.
  • $100 AUD to be donated to a registered charity of the winner’s choosing, on behalf of the winner.
  • Power Ledger merchandise.

Examples of being active in the community include:

  • Being helpful and answering other community member questions on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or YouTube, Power Ledger accounts and otherwise, in a polite and informative manner.
  • Correcting any misinformation you see being shared about the Power Ledger project across YouTube, Telegram, Reddit threads, Facebook and Twitter comments, and alerting admins.
  • Flagging scams, fake Twitter profiles and inappropriate community behaviour with the Power Ledger team of admins.
  • Starting meaningful project discussion in the Power Ledger closed Facebook group, Telegram or Reddit.
  • Constructive community feedback.

The team share a belief that empowering individuals and communities to control how they buy and sell their electricity will underpin the development of a power system that is resilient, affordable, green and owned by the people of the world.

We’re grateful to have you all on board for the ride.

Our first community advocate champion will be contacted on Monday 16th July.