Power Ledger Focuses On ‘Building Back Better’ With New Strategic Advisor & Ambassador Dante Disparte

Power Ledger is pleased to announce the appointment of Dante Disparte as a strategic advisor and ambassador for the Americas.

Mr. Disparte is an entrepreneur and global risk expert who founded Risk Cooperative, a coverholder at Lloyd’s, to respond to global protection and recovery gaps from risks, such as climate change, cyber threats, political risk and more. Power Ledger’s development of a decentralized renewable energy trading platform enables a wholesale redesign of resilient energy infrastructure, particularly for vulnerable, last-mile communities and their development and reconstruction efforts.

Following an unprecedented wave of natural and man-made disasters in 2017, including the devastation in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, which has endured the second most severe blackout in history, the case for future-proofing the world’s energy matrix is urgent.

Mr. Disparte’s appointment will help spur the needed investments, policy changes and market expansion throughout the Americas to accelerate a wave of energy innovations, democratizing access to clean, resilient and renewable energy.

Destruction following the passage of Hurricane Maria. Image: Roosevelt Skerrit.

“Power Ledger has designed a scalable renewable energy platform leveraging blockchain to enhance trust, security and energy resilience to shocks,” said Dr. Jemma Green, Power Ledger’s co-founder and chair.

“We could think of no better ambassador for Power Ledger than Dante who has devoted his career, voice and mind to addressing risk, readiness and resilience. As the founder and chair of the Business Council for American Security with the non-partisan American Security Project, Dante is perfectly positioned to help Power Ledger improve energy security in the Americas,” Dr. Green continued.

Dante Disparte, CEO of Risk Cooperative and Power Ledger Strategic Advisor and Ambassador.

“Having survived the effects of hurricanes growing up in Puerto Rico, the U.S. has a rare opportunity to spring decades ahead, piloting energy systems of the future,” said Dante Disparte, founder and CEO of Risk Cooperative.

“I have long focused on addressing the root causes of vulnerability and few areas are as important as energy security and diversification to create a more resilient world. Centralized energy systems are a single point of failure, as the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Irma and Maria proved on my island and the Caribbean. Using Power Ledger’s cutting-edge technology, calls to build back better and challenges of rural electrification can now be met,” Mr. Disparte continued.

“Adding Dante’s leadership in national security, economic competitiveness and risk, rounds out Power Ledger’s advisory and ambassadorial teams, which also includes, iconic technologist and venture capitalist, Bill Tai and blockchain investor Sebastian Quinn-Watson,” Power Ledger’s co-founder and managing director David Martin said.

“Power Ledger’s accelerated growth strategy around the world, and in particular in the Americas, gains a formidable champion in Dante,” added Mr. Martin.

With the next Atlantic hurricane season three weeks away, Power Ledger has prioritized the mobilization of capital and projects throughout the Caribbean basin, with a focus on Puerto Rico’s reconstruction efforts. Long term, Power Ledger seeks to showcase the diversified applications of decentralized peer-to-peer renewable energy technologies throughout the Americas.

About Power Ledger:
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