Power Ledger Partners With Clean Energy Blockchain Network To Bring Distributed Renewable Energy Trading To North America

Australian blockchain-powered renewable trading marketplace, Power Ledger and U.S. based clean energy not-for-profit Clean Energy Blockchain Network (CEBN) have today announced an agreement to bring peer-to-peer renewable energy trading to North America.

Power Ledger and Clean Energy Blockchain Network will form a partnership focused on hundreds of potential projects, which have already been identified, that will cover over 50 MW solar and 50 MWh energy storage, beginning in top renewable markets including Texas, Chicago-to-Washington, New York, California and New England.

The projects will start with large energy-intensive users including low-income housing, water and wastewater, cement, corporate and school campuses; their serving utilities and the serving ISOs/RTOs with peer-to-peer clean energy kWh trading, electric vehicle charging networks and Asset Germination Events which allows the community to benefit from solar and energy storage assets.

Founded by Mark Johnson, who previously served as the multi-billion-dollar program lead at the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington, DC, the Smart Cities Chief at Schneider Electric, IBM Utilities/Energy and Navigant Consulting, CEBN facilitates the adoption of smart grid and advanced smart energy data to improve the efficiency and resiliency of buildings, businesses and communities across North America via control and storage technologies.

“We are very excited to bring the tried and tested Power Ledger Platform to North America with our technical assistance and customer care”, said CEBN founder, Mark Johnson.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Clean Energy Blockchain Network to grow our technology and platform footprint in North America and bring Power Ledger a step closer to our goal of democratizing power,” said Power Ledger Managing Director, David Martin.

“Power Ledger is focussed on creating the right economic and investment platform for consumer-owned, low-cost, low-carbon energy systems to transform the electricity industry,” Mr Martin said.

The Power Ledger system will track the generation and consumption of electricity for all trading participants with compliant meters and autonomously settle energy trades on pre-determined terms and conditions.

You can find more details on the project here. If you’d like to participate in Power Ledger’s North American deployments please email customercare@cleanenergyblockchain.com.