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Powerledger Chain Staking Rewards

As a follow up announcement to our 14 July announcement, we’d like to share more information with those of you who are interested in becoming a validator or a delegated staker of POWR.

We are delighted to now reveal to you, the POWR staking rewards.

Rewards will be fixed per epoch, which is a period of time on the Powerledger chain, which typically runs between two to three days. Powerledger chain will pay a fixed amount of rewards of 37,000 POWR per epoch, which totals approximately 5,000,000 POWR per year. These rewards will be available for the first four years. After that period Powerledger will review the awards structure.

This fixed quantity of POWR will be distributed based on network participation proportionately meaning that the more POWR you stake, the higher portion of the rewards you will be entitled to.

As a validator you have to provide a high level of performance and the rewards will be earned in accordance with your network participation, so having the right technical infrastructure in place will be critical.

As a delegated staker, it will be important to choose the validator wisely as their performance, or lack thereof, will directly impact the proportion of the fixed rewards you will be entitled to. Delegators should also consider the percentage fee that different validators will charge. More information on this will be provided in due course.

Powerledger will run its own node and will be accepting delegated stakes. If you are a POWR token holder, you may choose to delegate your stake to us.

Validators can stake a maximum of 5,000,000 POWR; this is to encourage multiple nodes. The maximum stake limit may be reviewed after launch.

There are no minimum amounts for the delegates. For validators, hardware requirements may mean that it becomes progressively more economical to stake a larger amount of POWR.


John & the Powerledger Team

(Special note, as at 15 September 2021: The number of validators on the Powerledger Energy Blockchain are limited. Applications have since been received and the application form has been closed. Powerledger is in the final stages of reviewing all applicants and those successful will be contacted. Acceptance of validators is at Powerledger’s absolute discretion.)



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