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POWR Now Available on Liquid

We are happy to announce that POWR token is now available on Liquid, making it easier to buy POWR.

About Liquid

Founded in 2014 Liquid is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency-fiat exchange platforms, serving millions of customers worldwide.

One of the exciting benefits of being listed on Liquid is that it supports deposits and withdrawals of 6 fiat currencies; USD, JPY, SGD, HKD, AUD and EUR. To start, POWR can be purchased with Bitcoin, and we anticipate more trading pairs to be added in due course.

About the POWR token

Powerledger’s technology creates a marketplace for peer to peer energy and environmental commodity trading.

The Powerledger software works alongside existing energy system infrastructure, enabling greater control and ownership for consumers and producers of energy alike.

All energy transactions are recorded on the blockchain, which allows for a direct trade to occur between buyer and seller, greater transparency, increased automation and reduced possibility of human error.

POWR is the bond required to use Powerledger’s platform.

When Powerledger partners with a customer that wants to gain access to the suite of products on the platform, a bond must be provided in the form of POWR tokens.

This POWR bond is escrowed for the period of time that the customer is utilizing Powerledger’s platform, and then returned when the customer leaves the platform, if the customer has no outstanding payments to Powerledger and other customers.

This process is similar to a rental bond with a real estate agent, however, in some cases Powerledger customers may opt to escrow tokens indefinitely.

As a B2B software company, Powerledger customers are large enterprises such as utilities, renewable energy operators, microgrids, companies committed to 100% renewable energy and property developers. This means when they partner with Powerledger, they onboard a large number of users onto our platform, such as households or commercial businesses.

More users and more energy being traded on the platform requires more POWR tokens to be escrowed to access the Powerledger platform.

This model means that as Powerledger’s technology gains market adoption, the number of POWR tokens in circulation decreases.

Powerledger releases a POWR Project Escrow Report periodically, detailing the total amount of POWR that was received and held in escrow and also burned for active projects. The latest POWR Project Escrow Report (July 2021) can be found here.

To read more about Powerledger and follow our projects across the globe, visit:

Website: powerledger.io
Twitter: @powerLedger_io
Telegram: https://t.me/powerledgerANN




Powerledger is an Australian technology company that has developed a world-first blockchain enabled renewable energy trading platform, that is now available in more than nine countries, across four continents, enabling customers to access and trade cheaper, cleaner electricity.

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World-first blockchain enabled energy trading platform. See more at https://powerledger.io/

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