Pre-Sale of 100M POWR Tokens Sells Out in 3 Days

The response to our Token Generation Event has been incredible, we sold 100m POWR tokens to our Pre-Sale investors in just over 3 days, with 25% of tokens selling within the first hour.

“It’s something everyone uses on a daily basis. It’s very personal and it feels like it’s a really grassroots thing. People are not buying just for something to speculate on, they are buying because they really believe in the underlying business.” — Dr. Jemma Green, Chair & Co-founder of Power Ledger

A Cherry on Top

After huge public support and continued strong sales from the Pre-Sale community, we decided to allocate an extra 5% of tokens to every transaction that occurs during the public Pre-Sale phase as a reward for early supporters.

Our Managing Director, David Martin, said the Pre-Sale has been a major success for the business and the reward for early participants was a reflection of how much Power Ledger values that support.

“Call it a thank you, call it reward for effort, the fact is the support for the Power Ledger concept has been overwhelming and we believe this support will flow over into the public sale, so it is right to reward early supporters,” David Martin said.

5 million tokens will be allocated on a pro-rata basis to public Pre-Sale buyers. The distribution will result in an additional 5% of tokens for every buyer in the public Pre-Sale. The free tokens will be taken from the public sale pool reducing the total volume of tokens available in the public sale to approximately 155 million.

Check Your POWR

We have also developed a viewing portal tool on the token sale website to give all participants the opportunity to check their transaction status.

“The early POWR surge caused some issues for our email server and while all transactions were captured, some of the confirmation emails stalled,” Martin said. “We’ve been grateful for our buyers’ patience and we’ve addressed this by creating a viewing portal to give every buyer the ability to see their sale confirmed.”

The Main Sale is coming soon.. stay up-to-date by following this publication.