Game Guide: Soul Reaper featured builds

If you haven’t tried the prototype 2.0 yet, make sure to download it here:

The changes in 2.0 make it really interesting to experiment with different Legendary Loot and Soul Gear to become quite powerful. Below are builds we think are valuable to graduate from wannabe reaper of soul to a real Soul Reaper!

First off: How to get the loot for the builds

Undead King Crown (drawing in progress)

Trade Level 100 Cursed Snake Soul Gem to Ryder

Nutty Band

Trade Level 100 Saint Squirrel Soul Gem to Ryder

Butcher’s Carver

Trade Level 100 Stabby Squirrel to Ryder

Manly Roller Shoes

Trade Level 100 Windy Fish Soul Gem to Ryder

Soul Caster Scythe

Trade Level 100 Bubbly Fish Soul Gem to Ryder

Drakey Toothey

Trade Level 100 Burning Drake Soul Gem to Ryder

Burning Man (Drawing in progress)

Trade Level 100 Volcadillo Soul Gem to Ryder

Ring of Fire

Trade Level 100 Flame Bee Soul Gem to Ryder

Hot Wrap

Trade Level 100 Octoblader Soul Gem to Ryder

On with the builds!

One Healthy Skeleton

Undead King Crown (Windy Fish)

2-slot Armor: Saintly Clay (Saint Squirrel, Earthy Fish)

Stay Healthy My Friends

Nutty Band (Windy Fish)

2-slot Head: Holy Lake (Bubbly Fish, Saint Squirrel)

The Scythe Is The Way

Butcher’s Carver: Blade-o-rama (Stabby Squirrel, Octoblader)

Just like The Flash!

2-slot weapon: Storm Commando (Windy Fish, Stabby Squirrel)

Manly Roller Shoes

Soul Caster

Undead King Crown (Bubbly Fish)

Soul Caster Scythe (anything you want cheaper, but Scorch Blade recommended(Flame Bee, Stabby Squirrel, Burning Drake))

Fire God

Drakey Toothey: Scorch Blade (Flame Bee, Stabby Squirrel, Burning Drake)

Undead King Crown (Volcadillo)

Burning Man: Fishy Garb (Earthy Fish, Windy Fish, Bubbly Fish)

Ring of Fire (any soul)

Hot Wrap (any soul)

Combine the Scorch Blade Soul Gear (Burning Drake + Flame Bee + Stabby Squirrel) with the Legendary Drakey Toothey Scythe for ultimate fire damage!
Looking at those resistances and fire damage!

What do you think?

Have you tried any of these builds? Which one worked best for you? Have you found any other great build?

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