*New and exciting feature* Reap and Unreap: Summon reaped monsters in combat

Many of our prototype users had the same idea to improve the game: what if you could summon monsters you’ve “collected” in combat to fight alongside you and protect you?

Reap and Unreap


  • Reap: Steal a monster’s soul
  • Unreap: Summon a previously reaped monster in combat

So, what’s the feature about?

We’ve always wanted to experiment with that feature since the beginning, but never had the chance to, until now. During combat, when you select a Soul Action, you can now decide to unreap (summon) it instead of using it to damage monsters or buff yourself. Once unreaped, the monster gets added to the timeline and will take actions during its turn.

How it is currently

  • Unreap monster during your turn.
  • Unreaped monsters last for the duration of the fight
  • Unreaped monsters can be replaced during your turn
  • Soul cannot be used as an action if monster is unreaped (Example: you can’t use the Flame Bee attack during your turn if you’ve unreaped the Flame Bee already)
  • You can unreap up to 2 monsters during combat
  • Unreaped monsters automatically perform their soul action on their turn
  • Will get released in prototype at the end of August 2017.

This is only just the beginning of that feature. Many things still need to be decided design-wise. Here’s a list of things we’d like to experiment with and get feedback on:

How to unreap — ideas:

  • Prepare combat formation outside of combat, so you don’t waste a turn unreaping during combat; or
  • Keep combat formation once unreaped. For example, if you unreap a Flame Bee during one combat, it stays there for the next fights, until “disbanded”.

How unreap works — ideas:

  • Unreap lasting a few turns only? Can be increased by loot stats (+x unreap turns)
  • Each unreaped monster’s action costs spirit (mp); or unreap only costs spirit when unreaping
  • Unreaped monsters can be targeted and die
  • Unreaped monsters can be buffed by loot stats (+% unreaped <statName>: +20% unreaped damage, +12% unreaped fire resistance, etc.)
  • Soul has a chance to level up when unreaped

What do you think?

Let us know what you think. What do you think of the new ideas? Do you have better ones? Let us know in the comments section!

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