Opinion: How often do/should you play video games?

Two weeks ago, I attended the Torontaru event in Toronto and chatted with some friends and other developers and one question came up: “How often do you play video games?”. Most people answered saying “not so much anymore”. Developing games takes so much time that you don’t really have time to play games as much.


I feel like I still play games quite a lot. Probably more than 20 hours per week. And I work at least 40 hours per week too. In my opinion, that leaves plenty of time to spend with my wife and friends.

As a game designer, I would argue that playing games should consist of at least 25% of your time. You can’t be inspired and learn from others’ mistakes if you don’t know about them. I play lots of classic games, but I try new games too. I play mostly RPGs, both because I love them and because I want to learn from them for Soul Reaper. As a result of still playing video games a lot, I’d say that I’m a better video game designer.

What do you think?

How often do you play video games? Is that enough, not enough, or too much? Do you think you’re a better designer because you play games? Is it a waste of time?

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