Grading will be based on:

  1. Attendance — 30%
  2. Completing Readings and posting weekly responses to Medium — 25%
    After completing the readings for the upcoming class, students are required to post a short (100–250 word) response to medium focusing on questions the readings raise for you about the larger context of social organizing and social progress. Posts should be made by Tuesday night. These questions are responses are a critical element of class discussion.
  3. Case Study: Report, Log and Presentation — 25%
    In week 3, we will decide a group or campaign to cover in a case study, examining how the group engages in campaigns and uses online tools. I encourage students to choose issues of interest to them personally, and hope to see ideas outside of my expertise. There will be a handout going over the assignment, distributed in class in week 3.
  4. Opinion Columns — 10%
    Students will draft and post 2 opinion columns over the course of the semester, advocating a point of view, posted to Medium. Each one should be about 800 words in length.
  5. Participation on Twitter — 10%
    We will use Twitter throughout the class to comment on world events, highlight uses of political action and its presence online. Tweets should be tagged #TuftsEXP49. We will spend time each class going over comments, questions and observations made by students.